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Whether you’re looking for ointments, cough medications or shampoo products, offers you a vast selection of products from Mexico that are ideal for your baby and children at affordable prices.

If you are looking for a gentle, tear free shampoo with a wonderful aroma, we recommend Grisi with Chamomile which gently lightens, and gives your children’s hair body, intense shine and softness. For your baby you need something soft and gentle, and Grisi Ricitos the Oro and Mennen - Nectar de Miel y Manzanilla Shampoos are the perfect ones for you. They will keep your baby’s hair bright and healthy, will clean it gently, and it won’t irritate your baby’s eyes because they are tear free.

Kids will always have accidents and you need the best products to take care of them so go ahead and treat cuts and scrapes with our ointments and antiseptic products with confidence. Merthiolate Tincture & Gentian Violet (antiseptics) are two excellent antiseptic products that will disinfect and prevent infections. They can be used in minor cuts, scrapes and burns. Arnica & Menthol Liniment by Remedios de Mexico & Arnica Salve De La Cruz, are ointments that give temporary relief of aches and pains due to simple backaches and arthritis, and they also reduce the swelling of strains, bruises and sprains.

Treat your children’s cold symptoms with XL-3 Cold Medicine for Children, to give relief from nasal congestion, sneezing, runny nose, fever, and flu symptoms. Also use Mejoralito cherry flavored chewing tablets for kids, with no sugar added, they are ibuprofen and aspirin free. Mejoralito will give fast relief to fever and pain.

Care for your baby’s diaper rash with Vitacilina Bebe (Diaper Rash ointment for babies) an ointment that treats diaper rash and protects your baby’s skin, sealing out wetness so it will prevent further rashes. To clean and moisturize your baby’s skin with a pleasant aroma use Mennen Baby Magic (baby oil). You can use Mennen Baby Magic for other than for its benefits on baby skin, you can use it on adult’s skin as well. Instead of lotion use baby oil and your skin will be moisturized, soft and healthy. Apply it on hands after washing dishes to moisturize and return the softness to your hands, before going out in cold weather to keep your hands from drying, after showering to lock in moisture, or to remove make up as it is gentle and it won’t irritate your skin.

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