Cosmetics & Personal Care

Cosmetics are substances that enhance the appearance and aroma of the human body. Personal care on the other hand is closely related to cosmetics since it consists of products that are used for beautification and personal hygiene. Some cosmetics include facial make up, perfumes, lotions, skin care creams, deodorants, gels and many other types of facial and bath products.

Itís essential to take care of your physical appearance and personal hygiene with the best products available. is product to give you access to some of Mexicoís most popular Cosmetic and Personal Care products so you can give your body and skin the treatment it deserves. Listed below are some of the beautification and personal care products youíll find at our online store.

Baby and Children

Creams and Antiseptic medications should always be included in any first aid kit to treat minor injuries such as bruises, scrapes, sprains, aches and muscle pains. You can do just this with De la Cruz and Remedios de Mexico products which include Tincture, Gentian Violet, Arnica & Menthol Liniment Spray antiseptic medications and Arnica Salve cream.

If you want to treat your childrenís cold and flu symptoms with a medication that is safe and with a pleasant taste for your kids try the XL-3 chewable tablets and Mejoralito Kids cherry flavored. They will get fast relief from nasal congestion, fever, sneezing and runny nose.

Pamper your childrenís hair and skin with our shampoo, oils and cream products. Grisi and Mennen are two products that are guaranteed to leave your kidís hair shiny, silky smooth and with a wonderful aroma. Itís gentle on skin and will not irritate their eyes. Mennen Bab Oil and Vitacilina Bebe cream are ideal to keep your babyís skin smooth and rash free.

Bath and Body

Donít worry about dry skin any longer because Mexicoís beloved soap brands: Grisi, Lirio and Zest are so gentle on the skin; they will leave it silky smooth, refreshed and cleansed. has a wide selection of soap products that can be used for a variety of conditions whether youíre looking to treat your acne, remove age spots, have sensitive skin or just want to moisturize and soften your skin.

Beauty & Make Up

Get the latest make up products and trends at and enhance your beauty with our high quality products for women: moisturizers, facial powders, mascara, eye liners and facial concealers from famous brands such as Zan Zusi, Grisi and Pondís.

Hair Care and Skin Care

Pamper your hair and skin with our high quality shampoos and moisturizing creams, from popular brands such as Caprice, Grisi, Sedal Vanart, Cre-C, Hinds, Pondís, La Campana and Nivea, for shiny beautiful hair and radiant moisturized skin that you can be proud of.

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