Health & Beauty

To have beauty, you need to be healthy, for heath is beauty and you can have one without the other, so in order to have them you need the best products in the market at affordable prices, so you can look beautiful and stay within your budget is proud to bring you the best skin care, cosmetics, hair products, body soaps, herbs and teas, vitamins as well as herbal and remedies, because the beautiful process begins on the inside.

Cosmetics & Personal Care

Who said being beautiful had to be expensive? brings you the best and most popular brands of Shampoo like Vanart, Caprice and Grisi; Bar Soaps like Lirio, Zest, Grisi and Palmolive for all skin types so you can choose the one that fits your needs. To be beautiful you need the best cosmetic products Zan Zusi has them all for you, from eye liner, mascara, blush and more. For beautiful, glowing, smoother, younger looking skin don’t be shy about browsing through our wide selection of body lotions like Hinds, Nivea, Grisi, Ponds and Concha Nacar which helps with scars, skin imperfections, to clear and fade spots. Also make sure to check out our selection of ointments and antifungals, you never know when you’ll need one. You’re not the only one that can have health and beauty, has products for your baby and children, they are gentle and very effective. Wash your baby’s and children’s delicate hair with Grisi and Mennen shampoo’s, there are tear free, gentle and lighten the color of your baby’s hair as it cleans it. They are so gentle all the family can use them too. Your children have a cold? No problem, relief their symptoms with a Mejoralito and XL-3, and treat your baby’s diaper rash with vitacilina ointment.

Farmacia / Pharmacy

To be beautiful you need to be healthy, and to achieve that a healthy diet and exercise might not be enough. MexGrocer’s Online Pharmacy is proud to serve your needs for health and wellness products as well as provide you with useful information. It’s a more convenient way to shop, and get access to Mexico’s best health products. We offer over the counter medications, ointments and first aid products, hair & skin care, herbal and home remedies.

Remember to consult your physician before using medications or herbal remedies.

Health & Nutrition

Taking care of your health is of the essence, and if it’s a plus if you can look ravishingly beautiful in the process. You can help being beautiful naturally by exercising and having a healthy diet but often beauty problems arise and you need extra help. is pleased to bring you some of the best herbal medicinal products on the market from tablets, capsules, to fresh or dried plants, powders, teas and ointments. All this and more can be found at from the best brands available: Lucia’s Herbal Remedies Corona Real, Dr. Ming, McCormick, Remedios de Mexico, El Guapo, Malabar, and De La Cruz Laboratories.

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