Fruits, Huitlacoche, Mushrooms and Other Foods

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11.95 has everything you need for all you’re dishes whether you’re looking for a specific ingredient, a delicious snack or a dessert topping. Enhance you’re favorite Mexican dishes with our Fruits, Huitlacoche, Mushrooms and Other Canned Food Products. As well as using them as appetizers, for desserts and as a snack. Enjoy an authentic Mexican meal with these high quality products that you and your loved ones will be sure to enjoy.

Canned Fruits

Make scrumptious desserts with’s canned Papaya, Mango, Guava, Mandarin, Grapefruit, Tropical Mix Fruits and Whole Lychees by Mexico’s leading brands: Herdez, Garcia and Roland. You can also eat them right out of the can or pour Nestle’s La Lechera condensed milk on top for a delicious dessert. If you’re looking for a healthier snack you can eat these delicious canned fruits with cottage cheese as well. Also use them as a topping or ingredient for scrumptious desserts such as cakes, pies and gelatins. Canned fruits are just as delicious as natural fruits and are perfect to garnish all of your sweet desserts. Give you’re family a sweet surprise with these mouthwatering canned fruit products.


Huitlacoche is a fungus that grows on the ears of corn, and dates as far back as the ancient Aztecs who enjoyed this corn fungus as a part of their every day diet. The fungus grows directly onto the corn kernels and has a grayish white color that is quite similar to mushrooms with a soft and velvety texture. Huitlacoche is considered a delicacy in Mexico and is prepared in a variety of dishes, because of its earthy flavor it is most commonly used as a filling for quesadillas, tamales and tacos. It is also known as Cuitlacoche.

Make authentic Mexican dishes with our delicious huitlacoche canned products from the following brands: San Miguel and Goya.

Zucchini (Flor de Calabaza)

The zucchini flower also known as squash blossom or pumpkin flower is variety of squash that has a long shape and a thin, dark and smooth green rind. This flower is used as an ingredient and filling in empanadas, quesadillas and other popular Mexican dishes.

Try the famous flor de calabaza quesadillas with our Zucchini flower products from popular brands such as: San Miguel and Goya.

Other Canned Foods

If you are looking for a delicious snack we suggest you try our tasty pickled snacks like Nopalitos, Pork Hocks, Feet and Rinds by Hormel, Sabores Aztecas, El Mexicano and La Joya.

Make delicious dishes and accompany salads with sweet peeled pimentos and elotitos (baby corn) with our high quality Roland brands. As well as make succulent salads, soups and stews with Sabores Aztecas Cream of Corn, Zucchini Flower Soup or Cream of Bean Soup and Sun Vista’s Mixed Vegetables.

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