Sardines - Sardinas

Sardines are a type of small oily fish that are closely related to herrings. They get their name because of the Island of Sardinia in Italy where large schools of sardines once lived.

Although fresh sardines are a delicious snacks, people prefer them canned because fresh are perishable. Sardines are preferred above any fish because since they are low in the aquatic food chain and they only feed on plankton, they donít have high concentrate of Mercury and other metals like other fish. Sardines are commonly sold canned. At the cannery, the sardines heads and tails are removed and the remaining fish are cooked by either steaming or deep frying them and later they are dried. They get packed in sunflower, olive or soybean oil, in a tomato, mustard or chili sauce and water. If youíre watching your weight, itís recommended to consume sardines in olive oil instead of soybean oil. Fresh Sardines are usually smoked, grilled or pickled.

Sardines a very healthy snack, they are rich in vitamin D; which helps to increase the absorption of calcium. They are high in Omega-3 fatty acids which play an essential role in cardiovascular disease because it helps reduce it. Omega-3 fatty acids besides helping with cardiovascular disease, they lower blood sugar levels. Sardines also have high levels of homocysteine, phosphorus as well as being a good source of Vitamin B12 and protein. is proud to bring you a fine selection of Sardines from Royal Crown, Consul, Calmex and Roland.

Open up a can of Royal Crown, Calmex and Consul Sardines packed in a tasty tomato sauce with spices, but if you want a snack with a kick try Royal Crownís Sardines in Hot Tomato sauce. They are ready to serve, and can be eaten out of the can with saltine crackers or reheated and served over rice.

If you donít like sardines with tomato sauce, try Roland Sardines in Olive Oil or with Chili Peppers in Oil for a zesty treat that will drive your taste buds wild. Serve a delicious snack with Calmex stuffed jalapeno Peppers with Sardines Filling, so delicious your guests wonít know the sardines came from a can.

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