Sliced Jalapeno Peppers

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Sliced jalapeno peppers means rajas in spanish and in Mexico are also known as strips of chiles. To give the peppers more flavor the chiles have to roasted, peeled and cut into strips, and even though the recipes can change, the chiles are sautéed with seasonings, herbs and onions to be served as a side dish with meats or vegetables. Besides being used as a side dish rajas are also used as a filling for tacos and tamales. The dish improves when it is left to sit a while, so it can also be made ahead of time.

There are different regional variations of food in Mexico and rajas are not the exception. In central Mexico, the peron chile and the chile manzano are used where as in Oaxaca the rajas are made with charred chile de agua chiles, salt, lime, onion and oregano and served alongside stews, meats, and enfrijoladas.

The Jalapenos start being green and they become red if they are left for too long. Canned, pickled or sliced are just some of the ways jalapenos are sold. In a jar or in a can jalapenos are pickled meaning they are preserved in vinegar, which may slightly alter the taste of the jalapenos. Since jalapenos are peeled and the seeds removed when canned they tend to be milder than fresh jalapenos; pickled on the other hand are always hot. If you can’t get a hold of fresh jalapenos you can always substitute them with the canned or bottled ones.

You can find jalapenos at any supermarket or grocery store in either one of its forms: fresh in the produce section or in jars and cans in the cans aisle section. Jalapenos are very versatile peppers, as you can use them fresh, filled, roasted, pickled or in cooked dishes. To pick good-quality jalapenos make sure they have a solid green color, are firm and smooth skinned. If you see any dry lines don’t worry they are not blemishes, just indicates hotness and are signs of a mature pepper. If a jalapeno is bruised, has wrinkled skin and is soft that means it’s no good. To lower the jalapenos heat, make sure to remove the seeds and veins, which retain the jalapenos heat. When doing so wear latex gloves and avoid touching your eyes because the oil of the seeds may cause redness and burning.

MexGrocer is proud to bring you a broad selection of the best brands of sliced and diced jalapenos so you don’t have to go through long lines at the grocery store, we put them at hands reach with a click of a button. Just open a can and use on Mexican dishes like guacamole, pico de gallo, fresh salsas, soups, stews, condiments, jalapeno poppers, cornbread, on nachos, vegetable and meat dishes, desserts and appetizers or just pop a fresh one in your mouth to accompany your meal to give it a zesty kick.

Herdez: Sliced Jalapenos by Herdez are made with the highest quality, finest and freshest jalapenos. Their robust and potent flavor goes well with tacos, pizza, enchiladas, sandwiches, hamburgers, tortas (subways), omelets and soups, not overpowering but enhancing and adding spice and flavor to meals. Herdez Mexican peppers are sealed to maintain their freshness, and are famous for their firm texture and “picante” flavor. Also check out La Morena, San Marcos Peppers and La Costena they will season your food with an irresistible flavor that goes great with soups, sandwiches, nachos, enchiladas, meats, hamburgers, pizza or on to anything you want to add heat to get a spicy kick every single time you take a bite.

Embasa: Sliced Jalapenos in Escabeche by Embasa are fresh, high quality jalapenos. Give your next meal a piquant touch with these spicy and tasty jalapenos. Chop, or mince and use to make salsas, guacamole, add to any dish or serve whole on a sandwich, hamburger or on the side. Make delicious nachos or hot dogs for movie night or to watch your favorite tv show with Embasa Nacho Sliced Jalapenos, picked in vinegar with onions and carrot slices, El Pato Jalapeno Wheels or CHI-CHI'S Red Jalapeno Wheels, for finger licking meals. Also you can use your jalapeno wheels to make a delicious queso dip. Just melt some Velveeta cheese, with chopped onions, tomatoes and the jalapenos. Use to dip nacho chips.

Make sure to try Roland Jalapeño spread, which will add the perfect flavor and spice to all your favorite meals. Add this spicy spread to nachos or hot dogs for an extra delicious kick, pour over chicken with salsa and shredded monterrey jack cheese for a Mexican inspired entree. This hot and spicy spread will surely liven up any dish. Check out Casa Fiesta Nacho Sliced Jalapenos to add to sandwiches, nachos, hamburgers and any dish you want to and Casa Fiesta Jalapeno Relish to give that extra flavor to stews, tacos, tostadas, casseroles, meatloaf or serve as dip with Tostitos. It’s a delicious hot sauce that will spice up your food with a flavor your family will surely enjoy.

If you love jalapenos, salsas or any type of chiles or know someone that loves jalapenos, then give yourself or the aspiring chef on your shopping list the gift of flavor and spiciness with the Jalapeno Lovers Gift Pack so you can use the poblanos to do killer rellenos, a can of jalapenos to cook up a plate of delicious nachos, the serranos to make authentic Mexican salsa or to serve chipotles in adobo over sea bass; or with the Chile Pepper Lovers Pack which is perfect if you want to become a jalapeno connoisseur, with it you will taste the many different ways jalapeno peppers are applied as the main ingredient in salsas like La Victoria Salsa Jalapena, El Pato Salsa de Jalapeno (Jalapeno sauce) and Buffallo Jalapeno, sauces like El Yucateco Jalapeno Sauce and Pico Pica green sauce jalapeno, canned jalapeno chile peppers both as whole or sliced from Herdez and Embasa and dips with cheese or beans by Fritos.

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