Green Chiles, Poblanos & Other Chili Peppers

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One way or another you can find the presence of chiles in all the world cuisines. Dried or Fresh, chiles are mostly used to make bottled condiments, sauces, or add spice and flavor to many dishes. You’ll never see a market without chiles, they all carry different types, sizes and colors of chiles as well as in their dried or fresh form. MexGrocer, your online grocery store proudly brings you the best brands of chiles so you can make incredible dishes.

Green Chiles – To start creating the most delectable dishes, MexGrocer proudly brings you the best brands of Green Chilies from Embasa, La Victoria and Casa Fiesta green chiles so you can get the full flavor and taste of green chiles. Green Chiles are large, mild chiles often used to make chiles rellenos. You can dice them and add them too soups, stews, sauces and casseroles. You can choose from Embasa Whole Green Chiles - Mild and Ortega Whole Green Chilies to make chiles rellenos or rajas. Make delicious sauces and spice up your soups and stews with La Victoria Diced Green Chiles Fire Roasted and La Victoria Whole Green Chiles Fire Roasted, Casa Fiesta Diced Green Chilies and Casa Fiesta Green Chili Strips.

San Miguel Poblano Peppers – Bring the flavor of Mexico to your table by preparing delicious Chiles Rellenos and Chiles en Nogada. MexGrocer brings you the best brands so you can make authentic Mexican recipes. Make sure to use San Miguel Poblano Peppers for your chiles rellenos and to prepare amazing Rajas con queso (Sliced peppers and cheese) by using San Miguel Poblano Pepper Slices.

Calmex – Having a party and you need appetizers MexGrocer comes to your rescue with Calmex delicious stuffed Jalapeno peppers. Make your party a success by serving an assortment of appetizers using the different flavors of Calmex Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers: Tuna Filling, Shrimp Filling, Sardines Filling, Cheese Filling and Pineapple Filling accompanied with crackers. With Calmex you’ll be the life of the party! Also make a killer salad or salad sandwich with Calmex chunck tuna with Jalapeno Peppers, they will be irresistible.

MexiChef – MexGrocer puts at your fingertips the most delicious and popular brand of Chili paste Mexichef. Dried peppers are ground and mix with liquid to form a chili paste, which is used as a table condiment, or as an addition to stews and soups as well as ethnic dishes. Chili paste adds flavor as well as heat to your dishes; some are more sweet than hot. Chili pastes are thick in consistency and smooth textured. MexGrocer brings you the best MexiChef Pepper Pastes: Chile Pasilla, Chile Ancho, Chile Chipotle, Chile Guajillo and Chile de Arbol. Add any of these pastes to a pot of chili, or your favorite barbecue sauces, use it to top hamburgers and hot dogs.

Max’s Chile Pepper Blends – They will nourish your soul, add delicious smoky sizzle to your favorite dishes and will excite your senses. A combination of garlic spices, the finest peppers and oils created to enhance soups, stews, steaks, and much more. MexGrocer proudly brings you a selection of Max’s Chile Pepper Blends Chile de Arbol with Sesame Seeds, Ancho Mild Sauce, Guajillo Sauce Medium and Chipotle Spicy Sauce so you can move beyond hot sauce and salsa to discover natural and versatile ingredients that will engulf your kitchen with brand new flavors.

Guerito Peppers – Guero comes from the Spanish word “Blond” so Guerito means “Little blond.” A term used to describe the color of the pepper which can be either yellow or blond. This pepper has a mild flavor and is mostly used to make salsas, because they give them an interesting color accent. MexGrocer brings you the best brands of chile gueritos so you can add them to your salsas or eat them by themselves with a burger or with your favorite dish: Embasa Guerito Peppers, El Pato Hot Chile Peppers – Yellow Peppers, Golden Stare Yellow Hot Chile Peppers – Full cured, Royal Crown Chiles Gueritos and Sabores Aztecas Yellow Peppers.

Roland – is the leading gourmet food importer and specialty food supplier and for more than 75 years has well earned its leadership among the Gourmet industry, as well as being welcomed into homes, markets and restaurants, so explore the flavorful world that Roland has to offer with their unique specialty foods. is proud to bring you Roland Red Sweet Peeled Pimientos, Roland Diced Red Sweet Peeled Pimientos, and Roland Fire Roasted Red Peppers all at the click of a button. Make sure to try Peepadew Mild and Hot Piquante Peppers on your salads, salsas, soups and many favorite dishes.

Also make sure you try Embasa Carrots in Escabeche (Pickled carrots) they are delicious as an appetizer or to add a zesty kick to any sandwich or subway! You like it hot? La Costena Pickled Habanero Peppers will make you sweat as they give your food a spicy kick. Bring your eggs, tacos, tostadas, and tamales to life with La Victoria Chunky Jalapeno Hot Sauce.

Love to cook? Love chiles? Know anyone else who does? Then Give a gift full of flavor to your friends and family with the Chile pepper lovers pack. This pack makes an excellent gift for the chile lovers in your shopping list! Comes with a selection of the best chiles so you, your friends, and family can use the poblanos to make killer chiles rellenos, use the serranos to make a zesty Mexican Salsa, Serve the chipotles in adobo over sea bass for your next dinner or spice up your nachos for movie night with a can of Jalapenos.

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