El Pato Hot Chile Peppers - Yellow Peppers - 12 oz

El Pato
El Pato Hot Chile Peppers - Yellow Peppers
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El Pato Hot Chile Peppers - Yellow Peppers - Guerito Peppers

El Pato Hot Chile Peppers - Chiles Picantes or Whole Guerito Peppers Medium hot yellow guerito peppers. Chiles gueritos




El Pato Chiles Gueritos Enteros

Chiles gueritos El Pato de picor mediano y de color amarillo. Deliciosos para preparar Bacalao a la Vizcaina.


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By Laurie
November 30, 2021
So glad we found these again! The best!
  • Best Chile's around
  • Don't have in local stores and we run out too quickly
By Kim
Alexandria, VA
Best peppers of all time.
August 12, 2020
I was raised on these peppers in Los Angeles. Living in VA now, I cannot find them anywhere. Thank God for Mexigrocery, I can order them. They are the best.
By Suzanne
Reeds Spring, MO
Our Favorite
July 13, 2020
We love these El Pato yellow hot chili's.
Can't have tacos without them. We eat them with most sandwiches. Always fresh and sooooooooo tasty.
By Dean
Best yellow peppers
May 19, 2020
I can’t find yellow peppers in my local grocery store. I had to look online to find these.
By Bonnye
El Pato Hot Chili Peppers
May 11, 2020
These peppers tasted great...I will order them again they are hard to find in my area...
  • My only complaint, there was a little leakage of the juice...Evidently the lid was not quite tight enough...
By Gary
April 10, 2020
Can't find these anymore in my grocery store. And that was before the coronavirus hit. Thank you MexGrocer for giving me a place to find these chiles!
  • Wish they carried the bigger jar.
By Jennifer
Elko, NV
Been looking all over for these!
May 27, 2019
I have been searching all over for these. They no longer sell these in our town or neighboring towns. These have always been a family favorite.
  • Ordering was easy and shipping was super fast.
By Mary A.
Churchville, PA
March 26, 2019
Enjoyed my chilis!!
By Stephanie
boston, MA
good but issues with the packaging
March 18, 2019
got these for my partner's birthday - we live in the boston area and he loved the peppers at baja fresh, but the restaurant closed years ago and there aren't any other locations of the chain near us. so, ever since we've been on the hunt for "the ones." these aren't those, but they're definitely pretty close and he likes them very much. unfortunately, i had the same problem as another reviewer where the jar was improperly sealed. the inner seal was pressed over a loose pepper stem so it never sealed completely, and the jar arrived leaking. you have to wonder how much shorter the shelf life is as a result. you can't tell by looking at the jar, so i would suggest mexgrocer inspect these by removing the plastic lid and checking the seal first before sending them out. just a thought!
By Pepepugh
Bloomsburg , PA
Quality control needs to be better
January 30, 2019
One of the jars had a pepper stem between the jar and lid thus it leaked in the box
That jar went into the frig immediately and I have since consumed the peppers as there was no apparent spoilage
They are my favorite and would have given 5 stars except for the one jar of 4 purchased
Obviously this was a defect from El Pato and not MexGrocer- just be more careful inspecting items before shipping
  • Excellent peppers for those that like them hot
  • Better quality control on shipping items
By ThrashMaster
The Yellow Chiles
March 31, 2018
Only place I will buy them. No store in the Midwest sells anything close to these, why.I have no idea.... have missed them for years now since leaving Cali....but not any more.....not just the brand, yellow Chile's them selves,they are sold here (1brand only) but nothing like you get in the west...
By Don
Cave Creek, Arizona
El Pato Hot Chilies
October 14, 2017
These have been my favorites for years. Unfortunately no markets anywhere near me in Arizona stock this product so MexGrocer.com is my "go to" for them.
  • Great flavor.
By Keith
Best Peppers Ever
January 27, 2017
Fell in love with these at In-N-Out Burger and Carl's Jr. Super hot, crisp, and very flavorful. So glad I found a source to buy them!
By abuba
Manhattan, New York
January 8, 2016
Continue to order for some years now. First ordered them, because I missed them...they don't have the exact product in Manhattan, New York. As a young boy ate them all the time when I lived in San Diego. Had memories of them, and was homesick to have them again, until a friend in San Diego told me where I could order them online.

Thanks for being there!
By Nancy
Phonix AZ
Great chilies
October 19, 2015
I grew up with a jar always there. Moved to CA in 2001 and was not able to find them. Moved to AZ in 2008 and again was not able to find them. Found them last year online at your web site. So happy. I love these little chiles! Thank you for having them available.
By Rex R.
Cave Creek AZ / South Jordan UT.
A life with El pato has been great
January 25, 2015
My father introduced me and my brothers. I had my first pepper when I was five years old and yes that first one burned but I soon learned to love the flavor and the unique single wonderful product. I have eaten El Patos for over fifty years and I look forward to enjoy them for the years I have left.
  • Everything that can be a plus.
By bob l.
cahokia , il
October 5, 2014
must have for pickled aggs
  • none
By Teri
Gettysburg, PA
Quality product
November 30, 2013
So happy to have found them online! Accept no substitutes as these are the real deal with great taste and flavor. The peppers were the perfect (and much waited for) ingredient for my pickled eggs. Yum!
  • Very flavorful and great quality
  • Fast shipping
  • haven't run across one yet
By A W.
Palmdale, CA
August 31, 2013
I ordered this jar of hot peppers for my sister. She went through a quarter of the jar in 1 day--the same day I received them. She loves them! She ate some with her Turkey Burger sandwich. Okay, I had to try them since she looked so happy eating them. They're fantastic. I even had to eat a few more of them. I hope I don't pay for it with an upset stomach later on tonight, but if I do it was worth it. I'm pretty sure my sister will be near finishing off this jar of El Pato pickled peppers, so I better order her some more! As a person who doesn't really eat hot foods, these are delicious. My sister who IS a hot pepper lover says these are the bomb.
  • Taste delicious, and taste great with poultry products such as Turkey Burger sandwiches.
  • Hot enough for those who can handle hot/spicy foods.
  • Wish the jar was larger. Other than that NO negatives.
By Vivian
Review for El Pato Hot Chile Peppers - Yellow Peppers
March 9, 2011
These are great! My second order. I ordered 7 jars this time. Shared 2 with my daughter in law. My mouth waters just looking at the jar. Nothing like them available in Buffalo, NY
By joe m.
Review for El Pato Hot Chile Peppers - Yellow Peppers
December 25, 2010
best in the world
By Linda C.
Review for El Pato Hot Chile Peppers - Yellow Peppers
November 26, 2010
The Peppers are hard to find in Hill Country Texas and the ones I have found are not as good as the El Pato Chili Peppers. The El Pato Chili Peppers have just the right amount of crunch and do not squirk juice when you bite into them. They are great. I will buy them again.
By Wendy D.
Review for El Pato Hot Chile Peppers - Yellow Peppers
June 9, 2010
I love hot peppers, and have tried many different types of peppers and brands. These peppers seriously have the best flavor, perfect crunch, and right amount of heat!!! Nothing compares!! Love, Love, LOVE them!!
By Neil F.
Review for El Pato Hot Chile Peppers - Yellow Peppers
June 7, 2010
I had a hard time finding these peppers in the city I live in. I use to buy them all the time, but then I could find nobody that carried them any more.I tried other brands and nothing came close to the great peppers you have,. I'm glad i found your company that i could buy them through, and I will be ba ck when I need more.
By Mary
Review for El Pato Hot Chile Peppers - Yellow Peppers
August 28, 2009
These are the best chili peppers I have ever had. They are so tasty and will go with just about any meal... I highly recommend them. I even sent the information to my sister in Florida and she ordered them and loved them These are the very best peppers ever!
By Veronica H.
Review for El Pato Hot Chile Peppers - Yellow Peppers
April 16, 2009
These peppers make your mouth water before you open the jar. they are excellent with sandwiches!


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