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Video Fresh Serrano Pepper Hot Sauce 100% Natural - Salsa de Chile de Serrano Fresco

Serrano Peppers are believed to have originated in the mountainous regions of the Mexican states Hidalgo and Puebla. Serrano the name of the pepper is a reference to the mountains (sierras) of Hidalgo and Puebla. Serranos are the traditional Mexican Hot pepper and they are hotter than the jalapeno and their taste is crisp, bright, and biting. They are typically eaten raw when they are green, cooked, toasted or fried. If eaten raw, it gets chopped and mixed with other ingredients to make different salsas like pico de gallo, salsa verde and guacamole. If used cooked, serranos are used to make salsas like salsa ranchera. If you don’t have Serranos, they can be substituted with jalapenos.

Being the most used chiles in many Mexican dishes, Serrano peppers are eaten in sandwiches and tortas (subways), are also added to eggs, quesadillas, bread, tacos, hot dogs, and more; for an explosion of super spicy taste that will drive your taste buds wild every time. So if what you want is the best spicy flavor you can get on your meal, give a Serrano a try, see if you can handle the heat. is proud to bring you a broad selection of the best canned Serrano Peppers by the best brands: Herdez, Embasa, Sabores Aztecas, La Costena, San Marcos y La Morena.

Herdez – Brings you delicious and spicy whole Serrano peppers pickled in vinegar with onions and carrot slices. Add them to hot dogs, quesadillas, eggs, sandwiches; make delicious appetizers, guacamoles and salsas with them or use them on anything that needs to be "spiced up". You should also try La Costena, San Marcos, La Morena and Embasa whole Serrano peppers, with onions and carrot slices, if you can’t take the heat, just eat the carrots for a healthy zesty snack.

Sabores Aztecas – Taste the delicious flavor of the Serrano Peppers “Toreados” with Sabores Aztecas. Toreados means Sautéed, which is the act of putting the chiles on the comal until they are brown and blistered. This adds a deliciously fantastic flavor to the chiles and surprisingly sautéing tames the heat. Eat them in a quesadilla, sandwich, tacos and eggs for an incredible flavor. Try Sabores Aztecas Chiles Serranos “Toreados” and Sabores Aztecas Chiles Serranos if you like the heat of the raw Serrano.

Love to cook Love the zesty flavor of chiles Know anyone else who does Then The Chile Pepper Lovers Pack is a gift pack you can’t pass up! It’s perfect for the chef in your shopping list! This gift pack with all of the Mexican Chiles, will make your pantry have the authentic touch for Mexican food. Package includes Chiles poblanos (poblano peppers) so you can make killer rellenos. Open up a can of jalapenos and cook up a delicious plate of nachos or add them to your burgers and hot dogs. Use the Serranos to make your own pico de gallo salsa or Guacamole. Serve the Chipotles in adobo over sea bass, pork, meat, or chicken for a finger lickin’ dish.

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