Whole Poblano Peppers - Chiles Poblanos San Miguel - 27.5 oz

San Miguel de Origen
Whole Poblano Peppers - Chiles Poblanos San Miguel
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Whole Poblano Peppers Fire Roasted 27.5 oz by San Miguel de Origen (Drained Wt 15.1 oz.) - Easy Open Lid - Kosher

The history of San Miguel begins in the year of 1971 in San Miguel Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. It was founded by Antonio Madrazo and his son Patricio. At the present time, San Miguel exports to more than 20 countries with the San Miguel de Origen brand including products such as: Mexican specialty sauces, creams and soups, fruits, vegetables, preserves and other dehydrated food products.

Video Rajas de Chile Poblano con Crema by Jauja Cocina Mexicana

Video How to prepare Rajas de Chiles Poblanos San Miguel by Mexgrocer


Chile Poblano Entero Asado al Fuego / Whole Poblano Peppers 780 g marca San Miguel de Origen - Chiles Poblanos Masa drenada 430 g - Lata Abre-fácil

(Poivre Poblano Ensemble)San Miguel de Origen: es una linea 100% Mexicana, con diversos productos como: Salsas para Acompañar, Salsas para Cocinar, Cremas y Sopas, Platillos preparados, Especialidades Mexicanas como Cuitlacoche, Flor de Calabaza, Rajas de Chile Poblano, Frijoles, así como una amplia gama de Chiles en conserva como Toreados, Serrano, Jalapeños, etc.

San Miguel / Sabores Aztecas se distingue por ser una línea de productos: 100% Mexicana, Tradicional, sin Conservadores y los mas altos estándares de Calidad.

Video Cómo hacer los Chiles en Nogada de Tu Cocina - Yuri de Gortari


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By Carole
Pacifica, Ca.
San Miguel Poblano Peppers
April 24, 2019
I use these peppers in many of the dishes I prepare regularly. They are delicious and I am unable to find canned Poblano Peppers in my local markets.
By Jessica
Kotzebue, AK
March 19, 2023
Pues salieron buenos y muy suaves
  • Ya est
By Sandra
Great product at an ok price
April 24, 2021
I ordered 4 cans. The first can was great because the poblanos were still whole and probably could have been used to make chile rellenos. The 3 other cans had poblanos that were broken up and shredded, but they were still great for soups and sauces.

I can't find poblanos locally, so I grow them as much as I can but don't produce enough for my family's needs.

The cans are great for winter when I don't have fresh poblanos. The price is steep. Also, the poblanos are in a very salty liquid so use less or no salt in your recipes until you taste because I ended up with over-salted food after the first use.
  • Some cans contained whole poblanos
  • expensive and salty
By Angie
Antioch, CA.
November 22, 2020
Great product!! Love it!!
By Patti
Camarillo, CA
Tasty & Convenient
June 5, 2020
These chiles are really convenient. I love moderate flavor chiles and these fall into that category. There is good flavor and they are thick skinned chiles as well. What I really like is I don't have to fire roast them myself and they're ready to use. I use them with corn tortillas and make tasty tacos with them. They are a very handy and now are always on hand in my kitchen.
By Dick
Jaffey NH
good flavor. difficult to prepare.
June 4, 2020
The quantity of blacked skin still attached to the peppers was difficult to remove without the peppers shredding in the process.
By M M.
Ventura cnty.
April 27, 2020
Delicious! Much better than the standard. I think I used these a long time ago but could not find them "after moving to the next city over kinda thing".
They smell great not salty just a touch of salt and sugar in the brine very good flavor and surprised they were seeded well! Great when you don't want to do the extra hard work. I will buy again.
By Ruth
Poblano peppers
February 5, 2020
Loved these! They’re excellent for my green spaghetti recipe.
By Carol
Columbus, Ohio
Whole poblano peppers
July 9, 2017
Always enjoy working with these peppers, but they are no longer available in my area. Was so glad to find them on-line. Can now make easy chili rellenos.
By Suzanne
Woodbury, CT
Excellent for chile rellenos, poblano pie and more!
March 19, 2017
Perfectly roasted and peeled. Whole, cleaned chilies. I can't keep enough in the pantry!
By Sam
Whole Poblano Peppers
August 10, 2016
The package arrived in a timely manner. The peppers are very fresh and in good condition and very tasty. I still have a few cans left and before they are gone I am going to request a refill.
By Bonny
Pelham, NH
May 2, 2014
Being in NH can be tough finding fresh poblano peppers. Sometimes yes, sometimes no, so having these canned on hand has been wonderful. They are delicious.
  • Great convenience. Great Flavor.
  • None
By Shelly
Augusta, Georgia
Great Taste
August 7, 2012
Comparing this to the Ortega brand of canned poblanos, I prefer these. They taste better and are less salty than Ortega. There are about 5 or 6 chilies to a can and the poblanos are pretty large in width. I also think that these are a tad spicer than other brands I have tried, but they aren't TOO spicy. The tops have not been cut off, which makes them great for stuffing for dishes such as chile rellenos, especially if you like to stuff them with alot of cheese and don't want it spilling out when you cook/fry them.
  • Taste
  • Size of Chiles
  • Quantity of chiles per can
By Chris H.
Review for Whole Poblano Peppers - Chiles Poblanos San Miguel
October 5, 2011
Great item, glad it is back in stock.
By A C.
Review for Whole Poblano Peppers - Chiles Poblanos San Miguel
October 4, 2011
I have just replenished my supply of canned poblano peppers. I can't say enough about this product. It is impossible to purchase fresh poblano peppers anywhere in this area. My cupboard wouldn't be complete without this incredible ingredient. Thank you Mex Grocers :)
By Lynn
Review for Whole Poblano Peppers - Chiles Poblanos San Miguel
September 13, 2011
An absolutely wonderful product. I am from Canada and cannot purchase fresh poblano peppers anywhere. I have taken cooking classes in Mexico and I love this product to make some of the recipes I have learned. Please get them back in soon.
By Autumn B.
Review for Whole Poblano Peppers - Chiles Poblanos San Miguel
July 23, 2010
Thank you for this wonderful product. Impossible to find here in the Northwest. I use these peppers in many different egg dishes here at mt inn, Autumn Pond B&B in Leavenworth, WA
By Joshua F.
Review for Whole Poblano Peppers - Chiles Poblanos San Miguel
April 28, 2010
Just what I was looking for to make chili rellenos
By carte
Review for Whole Poblano Peppers - Chiles Poblanos San Miguel
April 28, 2010
We've found it difficult to find/buy canned or frozen poblano peppers, and fresh poblanos aren't always available where we live. So, we were very glad to find this brand available online. We appreciated that ALL items we ordered from MexGrocer.com were wrapped very nicely and securely; the package arrived quickly and in excellent condition. Thank you!!




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