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Mexican Coffee History and Evolution of Instant and Roasted Coffee

There’s nothing better than a great tasting hot cup of coffee, a drink made with the roasted seeds of the coffee plant, known as beans. Produced by several species of small evergreen bush, berries contain coffee seeds or beans. The two most commonly grown are Arabica Coffee (indigenous to the mountains of Yemen in the Arabian Peninsula where they get their name, and also around the year 600 AD they were discovered in the southwestern highlands of Ethiopia) and the Robusta (originally from central and western sub-Saharan Africa), which is resistant to leaf rust. Once the mature berries are picked, processed and dried, depending on the desired flavor they will be roasted to varying degrees. They are then grounded and brewed to produce great coffee that can be prepared and presented in different ways. Coffee beans are said to have been discovered in Kaffa a region in Ethiopia and where the word coffee or Cafe comes from.

Mexican Coffee It was in the late 1700’s that coffee was first planted in Mexico. Mexican coffee beans are generally nutty and light bodied; they can have brighter acidity, heavier body and overtones of chocolate. Roasted beans may be ground at a roaster, either at home or at a grocery store, though most is sold in packaged form.

The finest grade in Mexican coffee is “Altura” which means “high-grown or mountain grown.” Among the finest grown in the Americas, high-grown coffees in Mexico are considered very high-quality and higher always means better.

Coffee is usually taken in the morning with breakfast or as breakfast itself by many. It’s usually served at the end of a meal accompanying a dessert, other times at a dinner party or restaurant is consumed with an after-dinner mint. In the business world is taken on the way to work or at a business meeting. Coffee is one of the most-consumed beverages in the world, perhaps its because of its stimulating effect on humans due to its caffeine content.

Mexicans have a unique way of brewing their coffee, many like to add a small amount of cinnamon to the ground coffee before brewing, to reduce the acidity and give it a distinct flavor, and it’s served on a clay cup this is known as “Cafe de Olla”. is proud to bring you a selection of the best Instant Mexican Coffee and Roasted Coffee so you can have the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had.

Instant coffee is also known as powder or soluble (cafe soluble) which is a simple way to prepare coffee, since it dissolves instantly in hot water. It’s available in powder or granulated form in glass jars, sachets or tins; you control the strength of your coffee by adding more or less water for a stronger or weaker brew. Use it to prepare iced coffee which is very popular in the summer. For quality, and flavor try Cafe Legal Ground Coffee Blend with Caramelized Sugar and Cinnamon, Nestle Cafe de Olla with Cinnamon and Cafe de Grano Legal Ground Coffee Blend for a unique and authentic “Cafe de Olla” for an ideal traditional Mexican taste, Nescafe Instant Coffee Clasico fully roasted to capture its aroma and full flavor on a cold morning, Nescafe Cafe con Leche for a delicious instant cup of coffee with milk, Make sure to try Nescafe Clasico Instant Portion Packets for the perfect cup of coffee made with a select blend of fine beans to make a dark, smoothly flavored cup you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. Nescafe Instant Coffee - Cafe LISTO for a full bodied flavored cup, If you want start your day without those annoying side effects of regularly caffeinated coffee do so with Nescafe while still getting that same aroma and full bodied flavor of regular coffee you love.

Roasted Coffee - Roasting is the process that produces the characteristic flavor of coffee, that depending on the desired flavor they will be roasted to varying degrees causing the green coffee beans to expand and to change in smell, taste, color, and density. Check out our selection of roasted coffee like Mexican Coffee 100% Cafe Arabica Ground Dark Roast rich bodied with overtones of nuts and chocolate, Cafe Bustelo 100% Ground Coffee a rich, flavorful blend of the finest coffees in the world, Cafe Mexico Dark Roast Ground Coffee which is full-bodied, has great rich flavor, no bitterness, with the right amount of caffeine.

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