Mineragua - Mineral Water from Jarritos

Mineragua - Mineral Water from JarritosFor information about Mineragua from Jarritos, visit Mineragua Mineral Water.

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Mineragua - Mineral Water from Jarritos

There’s nothing more refreshing than an ice cold mineral water. Mineragua was introduced in 1999, by Jarritos the icon of Mexican soft drinks. Mineragua today is Mexico's leading carbonated water in the U.S.

Mineragua’s delicious and refreshing taste makes it an excellent complement to today’s most popular drinks. It contains the perfect amount of minerals, which makes Mineragua the most sought after beverage to cure hangovers as well a as a digestive to provide relief after a heavy meal. The fantastic, delicious and refreshing taste of Mineragua is caffeine free, sugar free and contains zero calories, so you can enjoy the taste of Mineragua without the guilt.

Mineragua comes in two delicious and refreshing presentations: Lemonade and Orangeade besides its original flavor and you can find them all in supermarkets and grocers which service the Hispanic community. As well as in restaurants, licor stores, convenience stores and if you want to avoid long lines you can order them right here at MexGrocer.com and have Mineragua delivered right to your door.

The MINERAGUA brand is part of Novamex, located in El Paso TX owner of many popular food and soft drink brands including Jarritos, Sidral Mundet, Ibarra Chocolate, D'Gari Desserts, Cielito Seasonings and Granvita Granola. Novamex - Be Super Good and Stay Unique.

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