Novamex - Jarritos, Sidral Mundet, Sangria Senorial, Ibarra, D'Gari, Camaronazo, Tepachito, Cielito and Granvita.

NovamexNOVAMEX is the leading US marketer of Hispanic soft drinks, foods, and authentic Mexican brands imported from Mexico including: Jarritos, Sangria Senorial, Sidral Mundet, Mineragua, Chocolate Ibarra, D'Gari, Camaronazo, Tepachito, Cielito and Granvita

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Established in 1987, Novamex is the lead manufacturer of food, drinks and Authentic Mexican brands in the United States. Besides having exclusive rights to the distribution of Jarritos, Sidral Mundet, Sangria Senorial, Ibarra Chocolate, D'Gari Desserts, Camaronazo, Tepachito, Cielito Seasonings and Granvita.

Novamex is head quartered in El Paso TX vision is to market and distribute category-leading Latino, natural and organic brands to the United States and the rest of the world. Their industry-leading knowledge of the Mexican and American consumer, along with a philosophy of investing in brands through long-term, fully integrated marketing strategies have driven their success and helped bring the Hispanic and natural products culture to the world.

Founded in 1986, Novamex was the brainchild of two entrepreneurial families, the Hills of Mexico City and the Fernandez of Chihuahua. Together they combined their knowledge of bottling, distribution, and creative soda development in a singular vision: to export authentic Hispanic products to the United States.

Novamex is one of the top Hispanic product exporters in the United States. Starting with only two products, the company has grown to over 160 SKUs of category-leading drinks and food products.

Jarritos saw light in 1950 and has become the first national soft drink brand in Mexico as well as a leading brand in the Mexican soft drink category in the United States. The word Jarrito comes from the word “Jug� in Spanish and is accredited to the Mexican tradition of drink water and other beverages in clay jugs. Jarritos are more carbonated than the traditional soft drinks sold in the U.S. and are made with natural fruit flavors all the family will love.

Jarritos is available in nine delicious fruit flavors: Grapefruit, Mandarin, Lime, Tamarind, Guava, Strawberry, Jamaica, Pineapple, and Fruit Punch. Other productos from Jarritos include the new Mineragua, a mineralized carbonated water with no sugar and zero calories available in various flavors. What makes Jarritos stand out above all soft drink brands is their innovative flavors starting from traditional favorites such as Cola to newer creations like Lima-Limon (Lemon-Lime) and Grapefruit (Toronja).

Mineragua: More refreshing than ice cold mineral water, Mineragua today is the leading carbonated water from Mexico in the United States. Mineragua not only has a great and refreshing taste, it contains just the right amount of minerals, which is why Mineragua is the most wanted as a hang-over remedy and digestive providing relief after heavy meals. Get Mineragua’s delicious taste with no caffeine, zero calories and no sugar.

Sidral Mundet: Sidral Mundet is a very popular apple-flavored 100% Mexican soft drink with a flavor that really does come from real apples and not artificial flavorings! Sidral Mundet is made with natural apple juice and sugar, no artificial colors or flavors, which gives that authentic, unique and delicious taste everybody loves.

Since Mundet� flavor comes from real apples and apple juice, the drink is pasteurized giving it a delicious taste as well as health benefits. Sidral Mundet comes in two flavors: Orginal and Manzana Verde (Green Apple).

Senorial Sangria: Sangria Senorial for over 50 years has remained a market leader in the Mexican soft industry. This delicious sangria soft drink is prepared with the finest wine grapes, essence of lemon and sweetened with 100% natural sugar. Sangria Senorial is the perfect complement to any meal, thanks to its delicious and unique flavor which makes it ideal for any occasion and for everyone who wants a flavorful non-alcoholic beverage.

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