Sangria Senorial - Original Mexican Sangria Soft Drink

Sangria SenorialSangría Señorial is Mexico's original Sangría flavored soft drink. Its unique and refreshing non-alcoholic Sangria-flavor. For information about Sangria Senorial Mexican soda pops, visit Novamex website at

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Sangria Senorial is a non-alcoholic sangria flavored beverage that has been internationally popular since its creation in Mexico during the year 1960 by a company called Mezgo S.A. de C.V. and for over 50 yrs has remained a market leader in the Mexican soft drink industry. Today the soft drink is distributed in the United States by the company Novamex who are also the producers of the popular Jarritos soft drinks. This sparkling sangria is prepared with the finest wine grapes, essence of lemon and is sweetened with 100% natural sugar, the batch is later aged in oak barrels, fermented for a period of time and then the alcohol is removed in order to give the beverage it’s unique and authentic sangria flavor that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Sangria Senorial is the perfect complement to any meal, thanks to its unique taste and is ideal for anyone who seeks a flavorful drink that is non-alcoholic. It is the perfect choice for non-alcohol drinkers as well as wine lovers since it can be combined with rum, tequila o vodka. Whatever you choose you will surely will find yourself enjoying the unique and refreshing taste of Sangria Senoria. Make any occasion a wonderful experience by serving a chilled bottle of Sangria Senorial into a wine glass that is garnished with an orange wedge.

The SANGRIA SENORIAL brand is part of Novamex, located in El Paso TX owner of many popular food and soft drink brands including Jarritos, Sidral Mundet, Camaronazo, Ibarra Chocolate, D'Gari Desserts, Cielito Seasonings and Granvita Granola. Novamex - Be Super Good and Stay Unique.

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