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Camaronazo is a trademark of Vista Del Mar Food & Beverages LCC, a Company that was founded in 2006 and that focuses on the ever growing Hispanic Marketplace. Vista Del Mar has a commitment with its target consumer market to expand the availability of Camaronazo throughout the United States and Latin America. Even though the market has many different tomato juice-clam cocktails in the market, Camaronazo prides itself in being the first shrimp-tomato juice cocktail a market leading brand especially among Hispanic consumers. Camaronazo has an inviting aroma, with a smooth, crisp and refreshing taste that makes it particularly easy to drink. Enjoy Camaronazo as a food base complement for many Hispanic dishes or by itself. You can also make delicious drinks mixed with either alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages like the very popular “Michelada” using either one of its delicious flavors Camaronazo Regular and Camaronazo Picante Enjoy Camaronazo on any occasion, with beer, vodka or tequila make Clamato your way!

This scrumptious beverage is available in Mexico and the United States in its two presentations of 16oz, 32oz and 64oz and you can get it right here at

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