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Natura's Foods - Drink MixesNatura's Instant Beverage Drink Mixes including Horchata, Jamaica (Hibiscus), Pina Colada, Tamarindo and Champurrado. 100% Refreshing tropical flavors. There is only one Natura's.

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Natura's Foods

The Natura's brand is manufactured and distributed by Natura’s Food of California which is located in Walnut, Ca. The company is popularly known throughout the country for their quality and authentic Instant Beverage Drink Mixes that include traditional Mexican flavors such as Horchata, Jamaica (Hibiscus), Pina Colada, Tamarindo and Champurrado. They are 100% refreshing tropical beverages that are ideal for a hot summer day or simply to fulfill your cravings for Mexico’s delicious fresh fruit juice beverages.

Horchata is a popular rice-milk drink known for its sweet and refreshing taste. What gives the rice-milk its unique flavor is its wonderful blend of ingredients: sugar, vanilla and cinnamon. Horchata is also widely used to alleviate stomach aches, since it is believed to sooth the stomach.

Hibiscus is made from dry hibiscus flowers, which gives the juice its tangy flavor and characteristic bright red color. Other ingredients that make this drink so delectable are the blend of lemons and sugar with the hibiscus flower. This drink is known as “Jamaica” in Spanish and is known to be a great natural diuretic.

Tamarind juice is made from the pulp of the tamarindo fruit which gives it a rich texture & tangy flavor, the drink is sweetened with sugar and served chilled in order for it taste even better. It’s a refreshing drink that is perfect for a hot day or when you’re simply thirsting for a sweet n’ tangy drink.

Natura’s also produces drink mixes for the refreshingly delicious Pina Coladas which are made by blending coconuts and pineapple. Also available is the famous Champurrado, that is most commonly prepared during the winter since it is a hot milk chocolate drink that is seasoned and flavored with sugar, vanilla and cinnamon. The tradition in Mexico is to serve steaming hot champurrado alongside tamales in the holiday festivities known as “Posadas”. You can also prepare this drink a cold winter day and warm up by the chimney, while sipping on this toasty holiday drink.

Remember there is only one Natura's!

For more information about Natura's Foods of California in Walnut CA visit Natura’s Foods.

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