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There is debate about Pasta’s origins some people believe it originated from Italy while others say China. Wherever its true origins take place one thing everyone can agree on is how beloved this food is through out the world. Below you will find information on Pasta, its history and some of the pasta products you’ll find at

It was around 1700 B.C. when the Chinese came up with a noodle that was made from rice flour, which is one of the oldest pasta’s traced in history. Of course the Italians also had a major part in pasta evolution since the Etruscans who lived in western Italy made a noodle similar to lasagna around 400 B.C. The Romans later created a noodle quite similar to the Etruscans that was prepared by baking the pasta in an oven like earlier versions by the Chinese. Dried pasta though is attributed to the Arabs, who would carry dried noodles on their arduous trips to the Orient, dried pasta was easily prepared with boiling which made it an easy meal to carry and heat up. During these trips the Arabs brought food with them to Sicily during the 8th century, soon after the Italian city of Palermo had adopted this type of food and began to produce large amounts of dried pasta which made them the largest producer in the world.

It was Naples, Italy who invented special techniques during the 1600s that would allow pasta to last longer so it could be mass produced. It was a product often sold by street vendors or eaten with bare hands. Of course Pasta was not yet eaten with sauce; it was actually prepared plain or sprinkled with cheese. Sauce would be introduced a few centuries later around 1824, when the first pasta factory was created in Northern Italy. Thomas Jefferson brought pasta to America during the late 1700’s but it wasn’t until Italian immigrants came to America and brought pasta with them, that it became so popular in the continent between 1880 and 1900. Pasta would keep evolving for the next several years with addition of meatballs to the dish and later on becoming a canned product.

Today pasta is one of the most popular foods in the world, seen through different cultures, recipes, products and pasta restaurants. So despite the debate about its origins, we can all agree and be thankful to the Italian and Chinese for this delicious food that has become such an important part of almost every culture’s cuisine that we just couldn’t live with out. is proud to bring you some of the best Mexican products on the market, because just as pasta is an integral part of Italy, China and the U.S. it has also been very popular in Mexico. Try our La Moderna pasta products to make your favorite fideo and elbow soup recipes; elbow pasta is also ideal for many salad dishes. Most pasta need that key ingredient which is the sauce, Del Fuerte Tomato sauce is seasoned with spices so it will give your pasta dishes a unique and delicious flavor. Also try our Maggi and Knorr dry pasta soup mixes, for those days when you need a soup to warm you up or bring you back to life when you’re feeling sick. Choose from a variety of flavors: tomato, letters, seashell, chicken noodle, and beef noodle soups.

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