Della Terra Creste di Gallo Pasta - 12 oz

Della Terra
Della Terra Creste di Gallo Pasta
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Della Terra Creste di Gallo Pasta 12 oz (340 g) Cockscomb - Cresta de Gallo

Creste de Gallo Artisan Pasta Crafted with Passion Classic Durum Semolina Drawn Through Bronze by Della Terra.

SEMOLINA CRESTE DI GALLO is a shape inspired by the crest of a rooster, this shape is curved, hollow and ridged.

Try this pasta with Carbonara sauce for for a unique pairing with creste di gallo is braised chicken thigh with tomato and mushroom, finished with chopped celery leaf and pecorino.

CRESTE DI GALLO pasta originally came from Florence in Italy, as far back as the 16th century and true to creative food crafting, was inspired by shrieking roosters and silly court jesters “coxcomb” style floppy hats.

Tomato ragu goes well with creste di gallo.. It may be just as likely the origin story began with a rooster who cock-a-doodle-dood once too much at night and became dinner the next day. Served with a new shape of pasta that was created as a grateful ode to the rooster's contribution to dinner.


Della Terra Creste di Gallo Pasta


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