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MexGrocer.com is proud to bring you the best high quality Legume Products. Check our best brands of split peas, lentils, popcorn, garbanzo and other products: C & F and Goya. Beans, split peas and lentils are known as legumes and often referred to as ďpulses.Ē They are the edible seeds of legume plants; are high in fiber as well as being a great low-fat source of protein. Like beans, legumes have both healthy nutrients and enzymes that produce flatulence. The water that you cook and soak the peas in absorbs the indigestible enzymes that make you gassy, so itís always helpful to rinse the peas after soaking and use fresh water when cooking them. In this section you will find all you wanted to know about those legumes you love so much.

Split Peas

Split peas are dried husked and split in half to allow them to cook faster, so they donít need to be soaked. There are different ways and variations to make split pea soup and most commonly yellow and green split peas are used to make pea soup. Split peas are a wonderful source of protein as they are healthy and very lean. The Split pea is known as a natural food source that contains the highest amounts of fiber. Split pea soup is dry peaís signature dish, but you can also enjoy them as a hearty addition to pasta dishes and salads. Make sure to also try Goyaís yellow split peas for


Small, lens-shaped pulses, Lentils have a distinctive earthy flavor, are packed with nutrients and range in varieties from small brown, to large green to red medium. Lentils are very versatile in the kitchen, they cook even faster than split peas or beans; all it takes is 25 minutes. Like split peas, lentils donít require soaking but some soaking and rising is required. This is to sift through them with your fingers to remove grit or small stones. Just make sure to run water over the lentilís until it comes out clear. Use lentils to add texture to rice, pasta salads, couscous or as a topping for vegetable salads. You can even make lentil soup, add pieces of cooked bacon and banana slices for a deliciously finger licking soup. We dare you cook an entire menu using lentils as an ingredient in every dish!

Chickpeas (Garbanzo Beans)

Chickpeas are edible legumes, high in protein, folate, are helpful source of zinc, and one of the earliest cultivated vegetables. Chickpeas can be cooked in stews, eaten cold and whole in salads, or cooked and ground into the popular Middle Eastern dish hummus. You can also enjoy garbanzos roasted, spiced and eaten as a healthy snack. Chickpeas or garbanzos are plum and hard with a tiny "beak" at the top. Garbanzos have a full-bodied flavor, nutty and rich with a chestnut crunch. Chickpeas are a staple in the famous three-bean salad which consists of kidney beans, green beans and of course chickpeas pickled with vinegar or stored in vinegar and oil. Before cooking the chickpeas, examine, sort and rinse well to remove any residual material, and then soak using desired method.


A special kind of corn grain, popcorn is not edible like yellow or white corn on the cob. Commonly stripped from the cob, popcorn is heated in a pan until the inside pops through the tough corn, resulting in crunchy and fluffy kernels. People eat this grain popped from air poppers or in the microwave. Another way to enjoy popped corn or popcorn is at the movies, where this type of corn is cooked in the traditional way by cooking the seeds in hot oil until they pop from a small pan, filling up the popcorn machines. MexGrocer.com brings you popcorn kernels by C&F so you can make your own batch of popcorn at home just like at the movie theaters but in a smaller scale and you will still get the best and crunchiest kernels. Popcorn by itself is high in dietary fiber and low in fat. Popcorn is viewed as a fatty food because of the stuff that gets put into it: over salted, butter or cooked in high fat oils. To get a healthy snack thatís excellent diet food, keep it simple and just add a little salt.

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