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Most meals start with a delicious bowl of soup, but nowadays cooking a homemade soup is too much hassle, can take lots of time and money, especially on those days when you’re down with the flu or feeling sick. This section contains some of the most famous brands so you can shop dry food and dry soup mix that will make your life easier but with a great flavor.

Enjoyed as a snack, appetizers or dinner itself; Soup is typically a warm food that is prepared with a combination of ingredients such as vegetables and meat with juice, water, stock or another liquid. Hot soups are known for being made by the combination of solid ingredients in liquid in a pot to bring out the flavors, forming stock or broth. There are two types of soups: Thick soups which are classified depending on the various types of thickening agents used like starch is used to thicken pureed vegetable soups, vegetables thicken with cream and pureed shellfish are what make up the famous bisques, béchamel sauce is used to thicken cream soups, and eggs, cream and butter are used to thicken veloutes; while Bouillon and consommé are the French classifications of clear soups. Rice, Flour, grains and lentils are other ingredients that may be used to thicken broths and soups. Soups are very much like stews, the only difference between the two is soups in most cases have more liquid than stews.

Through time and due to advancements in science, soup has taken many forms: microwave ready, portable, dehydrated and canned; both became available in the 19th century. Today you can find a varied selection of canned soups in any grocery stores and online. Dry soup mix as it is known today, is a product of portable soups consumed by travelers, explorers and soldiers for hundreds of years; since standard recipes where not possible to make, rehydration was the economical and simple way to serve hot food. Dry soup mix was introduced into the market in the 1930’s with the premise that soups where convenient, quick and easy to do, inexpensive and versatile.

MexGrocer.com is pleased to bring you a large selection of dry soup mixes, which will maintain for a longer time in your pantry or cabinet for when you crave a delicious bowl of hot soup, you’ll have at hand an easy to make dry soup mix to create in an instant restaurant quality and homemade soups. All you have to do is add water, and simmer for the perfect bowl. Other additions like vegetables or seafood to your dry soup mix are optional. Check all the soups below and shop dry soup mix that’s finger licking good.


Knorr soups are the ideal soup for busy people who want a delicious flavorful bowl of soup, without actually having to make the soup. They are dried in a traditional way to preserve their delicious flavors, and are made with fresh vegetables ripened in the warmth of the sun. Unlike canned and refrigerated soups which are already cooked before you put them in a pot, knorr dry soup mix releases the taste of vegetables your family loves the very first time you cook them. Check out all of the delicious flavors of dry soup mix for you to choose from: chicken, beef, cream, vegetable and pastas like elbows, fideo (noodles) and alphabet soup.

Mi Viejita

Authentic Mexican food made with natural ingredients, are quick and easy to prepare just add water and you have an instant delicious Mexican meal. Mi Viejita will last longer than other canned, frozen or jar products, even after opening so you can prepare the desired amount of product to fit your needs. It’s easy to carry, as the package is very light and small in size. Try Mi Viejita delicious selection of soup mix dry food: Traditional chilaquiles rojos (red) or Verdes (green) for a delicious breakfast accompanied with some eggs, and for lunch or dinner a delicious Tortilla Soup that all your family will love. Try them and savor the goodness.


Maggi from Nestle is a brand of quick and easy solutions in ketchups, instant soups, stocks instant noodles, seasonings, bouillon and sauces made to help chefs, professional kitchens and you bring out the nutrition and flavor of fresh food ingredients. The Maggi brand is trusted in professional kitchens for its convenience, high quality, and nutrition. Make sure to try their delicious dry soup chicken, beef, rice, seafood and vegetable flavors.

If you really like to cook Mexican food and want to give a unique and succulent flavor to your dry soups and stews be sure to try our Mexican Herb & Spice Medley and Mexican Food Cook’s Choice packages. Both are perfect and “must have” for the aspiring chef on your shopping list or for that person that loves Mexican food.

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