Mexican Household Products and Candles is proud to bring within the reach of your hand the best Mexican household products and candles at affordable prices, so you can keep your house and office clean, organized, deodorized and disinfected.

Bath and Body products from Mexico

From body scrubbers to bar soaps has the best bath and body products from Mexico you were looking for at affordable prices. Our broad selection of bath and body products includes soaps, toothpaste and scrubbers. By browsing through our selection of bath and body products you will find brands like Zest, Grisi, Palmolive, Lirio, Crest, Tip and T. Taio. So you can choose your favorite brands, have them delivered right through your door, at affordable prices.

Laundry and Cleaning Products

To get a clean, deodorized and organized office and house, plus clean, great smelling and soft feeling clothes you need to prepare yourself with the best Mexican household cleaning and Laundry products out there. Whether you are doing laundry, mopping your floors or cleaning your bathroom, you want products that do the job, leave the floors and tiles sparkling clean and brilliant while removing dirt and mold, as well as deodorizing and disinfecting while leaving a pleasant aroma; and in your laundry you want products that are though on dirt and grease but gentle on your clothes. Here at we proud ourselves in bringing you the best Mexican products to make cleaning and laundry a breeze, guaranteed. Browse through our wide selection of Laundry and household cleaning products for your home or office you’ll find brands like Ariel, Roma, Foca, Fabuloso, Pinalen, Zote, Lirio, Vel Rosita, Suavitel, Downy, and tallon scrubbers. Your guests, customers, friends and family, will be amazed and pleased with how clean and aromatic everything is in your office or home with these powerful cleaning products.


Candles are a very powerful symbol for the human consciousness, it’s that something in that flickering tiny point of light, existing and resisting in a dark and empty world which speaks and sends a message to the deepest part of the human soul. Through candles religions symbolize their faith and canalize their prayers. At you will find a varied selection of color and religious candles to decorate your home or altar.

Color Candles (7 day candles)

Choose your favorites to decorate and lighten your home or altar. White candles can be used for a plethora of things. Burn a 7 day White Candle for respect, innocence, purity, truth, wholeness, outgoing, cleansing, generosity, sincerity, spirituality, expansion, prophesy and clairvoyance. The red, yellow, blue, green and pink candles make a stupendous addition to the altar or home. They are unscented which makes them ideal for you to use them to give your home a warm atmosphere or add anointing oils for your rituals. For the next 4th of July light an American Flag Candle - 7 day candle in remembrance of America’s birthday and for those who gave their lives so America could have freedom. Candle is ideal for an altar or home. Make sure to light up your life, illuminate your home work or ritual space with a White 50-hour jar candle. They are safer then votives or taper candles and because they come in a 3 ¾ jar it makes it easier to clean. It has a burn time of over 50 hours. Buy a Candle of Hope at to support the treatment for the less fortunate children with cancer of the Centro Oncologico Pediatrico (COP) in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. They make beautiful gifts and you’re helping a wonderful cause at the same time.

Religious Candles – Veladoras

Religious candles are used for decorative and religious purposes. As a decoration, religious candles are a representation of the light of God, specifically the light of Jesus, which is why in churches you will find a candle lit and placed at the altar or near a religious figure. Votive candles are lit to accompany prayers, since they have the picture of Jesus, Mary, The Holy Trinity and Saints and they help to concentrate on prayers, which often come on the back of the candle. Religious candles are a wonderful way to appreciate and learn about the history of the church. Whether Religious candles symbolize God our supreme creator and savior or the hope of mankind, truth is the flickering light of a candle is the inspiration of those who behold its light.

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