Mexican Cookies for Kids

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Mexican Cookies for Kids

Cookies are delicious and irresistible treats that come with unique flavors, textures, and shapes. Their unique taste stirs up sweet childhood memories in everyone, so it’s no wonder why these treats are a favorite among kids. This section includes important information on cookies, their origins and the popular brands that you’ll find at, where we have a unique and wide selection of Mexico’s most delectable cookies. So pamper your kids with some sweet treats, and in the process treat yourself to some scrumptious desserts as well.

Cookies are baked treats that are small and flat, they contain ingredients such as sugar, flour and eggs. They are also made in a variety of styles and use other ingredients including chocolate, peanut butter, spices, butter, dried fruits or nuts. The origins of cookies have been traced all the way to 7th century Persia after it became common to use sugar in that region. Cookies later spread to Europe during the Muslim conquest of Spain and became a common snack throughout all levels of European society in the 14th century. It was precisely the Spanish and French who introduced this delightful dessert to Mexico, where it remains very popular. Cookies also made their way into America through early Dutch settlers, where “cookie” was derived from the Dutch word “koekje”. is proud to bring you cookie products from some of Mexico’s most popular brands including Gamesa, Marinela, Bimbo, El Molino, La Moderna and Gabi.

Are you wondering what delicious snack to put in your kids lunch boxes or what fun snack to give them Look no further because with Mexico’s leading cookie brand “Gamesa” you’ll find the best cookie products that your kids will love and they’re so delicious that you will love them too. For an exquisite treat that your kids will enjoy try Mamut, a delectable marshmallow cookie that is coated in delicious chocolate. It’s an irresistible chocolaty treat that is a favorite among kids and adults. If your kids love marshmallows then they’ll love Arcoiris which are sugar cookies with four marshmallows on top and a sweet strawberry and coconut topping. There isn’t a child who hasn’t savored the delicious flavor of animal cookies, Gamesa Animalitos and La Moderna Animalitos are just as addictive and delicious as any animal cookie you’ve ever tasted. They’re mildly sweet and it is their unique flavor that makes them irresistible, so much that you’ll find yourself having more than one. Plus kids love their unique animal shapes, so it’s a sweet threat that is both delicious and fun. For a unique assortment of cookies that is sure to give your kids a sweet surprise each time they open their lunchboxes try Gamesa Lonchera cookie assortment, it includes some of the brands most famous cookies.

Chachitos cereal varieties are just what you need for an irresistible meal that is healthy, nutritious and fun for kids. Some of the cereal varieties include: Ula Hoops, Choco Dots, Funny Flakes, Chocolate Puffs, Apple and Cinnamon Puffs, Rokys and Vanilla Puffs. So start your kids’ mornings with a delicious breakfast they’ll enjoy.

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