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Bimbo Brand Bakery Products - Pan de Dulce Bimbo

Bimbo is dedicated to providing families with high-quality baked goods, offering products that are "always baked with love".

Bimbo is known for its fresh, traditional, authentic Mexican taste and for delivering a wide range of high-quality baked goods to consumers throughout the US.

Bimbo was founded in Mexico City in 1945 by Lorenzo Servitje, Jose T. Mata and Jaime Jorba, they brought packaged sliced bread to the Mexican market and launched the Marinela pastries line in 1956. These achievements have made Bimbo Bakeries the #1 brand for baked goods in Mexico and the third largest bakery in the world.

Today it is one of the most important and largest food companies in Mexico and around the world with brands in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. The name Bimbo is believed to have derived from the mixture of the words “bingo” and “Bambi” in 1945, since the founders believed the childlike name would go well with the brand image they wanted to create for the company and so the Bimbo teddy bear logo was born. The image of the small white teddy bear was actually inspired by a Christmas card that was sent by the grandson of the company’s founder to his grandmother during the early 50s, where the teddy bear in the postcard was thought to be the ideal image for the for the company. The teddy was stripped of its clothes and given its traditional white apron and chef’s hat with the classic red B imprinted on it.

Bimbo is a highly trusted brand for their high quality and fresh tasting baked goods that are offered at a great value to their customers. Grupo Bimbo’s popularity spread notoriously during 1994 when they first purchased La Hacienda, a tortilla company in California, soon after Bimbo Bakeries acquired Pacific Pride Bakeries of San Diego which allowed them to enter the U.S. bread market and become a household name in the country. The company has continued to grow with the purchase of many American and Mexican bakeries, and has become widely known for their famous brands such as Marinela, Barcel, Bimbo breads, Old Country, Oroweat, Ricolino, Tia Rosa and Wonder. Which are dedicated to making high quality baked goods like loaves and toasted bread, as well as traditional Mexican sweet bread like croissants, conchas, empanadas, cookies, feite and many other pastries.

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