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Barcel SnacksEnjoy Barcel Snacks one of the most popular snack brands in Mexico is now available at MexGrocer. Barcel product line of corn chips, potato chips and peanuts products include: Takis, Chicha-rrones, Toreadas, Ricolino, Bubu Lubu, Corona and more.

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Barcel is popular manufacturer of confectionary and snack foods, primarily tortilla and potato chips. It is a unit of Grupo Bimbo (Group Bimbo) who purchased the company in the late 70s. It first began as a small snack factory in Queretaro and rapidly rose to a company with great prestige and popularity in Mexico during 1978. They worked hard in a constant effort to bring quality and constant innovation.

Barcel was initially constituted by Ricolino, but due to the quality of the company they extended to all the corners of the country in 1990, which lead to the inauguration of several factories: Barcel del Centro, State of Mexico and North Queretaro.

A decade later a new factory was started in Mexicali, Baja California where delicious snacks made out of corn were produced. Due to the high demand and popularity of Barcel?s products new corn tortillas and tostada factories were built in 2004 in Merida, Yucatan and Hildalgo.

Today Barcel stands out as a leading brand in Mexico thanks to their quality products and constant innovation. They are proud to bring the best line of snacks to their consumers; as well as satisfying their snack needs and preferences. Barcel counts with an extensive variety of products and flavors, including Chip?s fries which are known for their tasty crunch that is achieved through its artisan preparation. They are also great innovators in the Mexican snack market, they have introduced delicious concepts that include spicy snacks inspired on Mexican cuisine, and among them are Takis and Quezas that have a unique folded shape that resembles a tortilla. Other fun products that can be found among their list of delicious snacks are Konox, Papatinas and Karameladas Pop which has placed them as a favorite among young consumers and a favorite amongst teens and adults are the flavorful Hot Nuts.

After 32 years of hard work and dedication to their company, Barcel has been rewarded with the trust and love of their consumers. It motivates them to continue their hard work and to strive to create innovative concepts every day, with the objective to continue to remain in the hearts of their consumers and be one of the best food companies in the world, as well as introducing their Mexico products to the world.

For more information about Barcel visit: Barcel USA or call: USA: 1-800-354-3372.

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