Barcel Fuego Chip's by Papas Toreadas (Pack of 3) - 1.9 oz

Barcel Fuego Chip's by Papas Toreadas (Pack of 3)
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BarcelFuego Chips by Papas Toreadas 1.9oz – Pack of 3


Barcel's Fuego Chips by Papas Toreadas byBarcel are delicious kettle cooked textured potato chips. Handed down fromgeneration to generation, Chiles Toreados are created by itensifying their heat,with the scorching of fresh chiles on a blistering grill. Barcel has capturedthe chiles toreados essence with a new, thin-cut, fiery (fuego) flavor,crispiness and crunch with a hot heat that is not overwhelming and grows hotterafter eating just one chip. Excite your taste buds with Toreadas, a newtradition from Barcel. Try them now!.


Serving Suggestions: Eatthem by themselves, with a sandwich, burger, hot dog etc! Enjoy as a snackwatching your favorite movie or show!





  • FieryChile Flavor!
  • ChileArtificially Flavored!
  • Thin-cut,kettle cooked texture!
  • 225 Calories per serving 1oz (46g)
  • Servings per Container: about 2
  • Saturatedfat 4g
  • Trans fat0g
  • Cholesterol0g
  • Carbohydrates 17g
  • Sodium 647mg
  • Net wt. 1.9 oz (53g)box
  • Maycontain Soy.
  • Product of Mexico


Ingredients: Potatoes, Palm Oil, Seasoning (Iodized Salt, Citric Acid,Maltodextrin, Sugar, Monosodium Glutamate, Artificial Flavor, Vegetable ProteinHydrolyzed, Artificial Colors, Onion, Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil,Sodium Bicarbonate, Chilli Pepper Extractives, Sodium Inosinate and SodiumGuanylate, Sodium Diacetate and Less Than 2% of Silicon Dioxide (As AnticakingAgent). Contains 2% or less of the following antioxidants (TBHQ and/or BHA andBHT).__


Barcel Fuego Papas Toreadas 1.9oz. – Pqt de 3


Barcel's Papas Toreadas son unas deliciosas papas con sabor a chile.Pasado de generación en generación los Chiles Toreados obtienen su sabor al serasados en brasas calientes para intensificar su delicioso sabor ardiente.Barcel a capturado su esencia con un nuevo y ardiente sabor a chile, cortesfinos, frescura y muy crujientes. Tori-antojate con delicioso picante ycrujiente sabor!!


Modo de Uso:Disfrutalas asi solas de la bolsa, con un sandwich, una hamburguesa,hot dog, etc. Disfrutalas como botana viendo una pelicula o tu programa detelevision favorito!





  • Con Delicioso Chile Ardiente!
  • Sabor Artificial a Chile!
  • Cortes finos, y textura cocinada a la caldera(Kettle cooked)
  • 225 Calorias por Porcion 46g (1 oz)
  • Porciones por Envase: 2
  • Grasa Saturada 4g
  • Grasa Trans 0g
  • Carbohidratos 17g
  • Sodio 647mg

  • Peso Neto. 53g (1.9oz)
  • Puede contener soya.
  • Producto de Mexico.

    Ingredientes:Patatas, aceite de Palma, condimentos (maltodextrina, sal yodada, AcidoCitrico, Azucar, glutamato monosodico, Sabor Artificial, Proteina HidrolizadaVegetal, Colorantes Artificiales, Cebolla, Soya parcialmente Hidrogenada,Bicarbonato de Sodio, Extracto de Chile, Inosinato de Sodio y Guanilato deSodio, Diacetato de Sodio y Menos del 2% de Dioxido de Silicio (comoantiglutinante). Contiene 2% o menos de lo siguiente: Los antioxidantes (TBHQ y/ o BHA y BHT)


    Barcel Fuego Chip's by Papas Toreadas Pack of 3


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