Chi-Chi's Mexican food brand

Chi-ChisThe CHI-CHI'S® products make it easy to enjoy a fresh, contemporary Mexican snack or meal at home. CHI-CHI'S have great taste and fun into every bite, creating a fiesta at any meal. Let the Fiesta Begin! Learn more about Chi-Chi's Salsas at

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Chi-Chi's Mexican Food Brand

Chi-Chi’s is a famous line of canned foods that is manufactured and distributed by the Hormel Foods Company. Chi-Chi’s started out as a Mexican restaurant chain in 1975 and later became a marketed line of grocery foods, whose signature products are salsa and chilies. The brand also markets Dips, Tortillas, Chips, Peppers, Seasonings, Mixes and Microwaveable Meals.

Chi-Chi’s Salsas and Dips can be found in thick, chunky and spicy varieties which can be used to substitute ketchup for foods such as scrambled eggs, burgers and fries. The microwave meals called “Fiesta Plates” offer authentic Mexican foods for a delightful meal at your table, these delicious ready-to-serve meals are so simple to prepare just put them in the microwave for 90 seconds and they’re read to serve and be enjoyed. Add a delicious touch of flavor to all of your favorite dishes with Chi-Chi’s seasonings and mixes that can be used on Beef, chicken, pork and seafood.

Hormel Foods the distributor of the Chi-Chi’s brand is located in Minnesota, and was founded in 1981 by George A. Hormel from whom the company gets its famous name: Hormel Foods Corporation. The company distributes other well known brands besides Chi-Chi’s including: Herdez, Spam, Stagg, Dinty Moore, Jennie-O and Farmer John, as well as products under their own name “Hormel Foods”.

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