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The roots of Las Palmas Enchilada Sauce can be traced back all the way to 1922, in Ventura California to a talented Mexican housewife by the name of Rosa Ramirez. Rosas delicious “Enchilada sauce” comes from an old and traditional family recipe she refined, using only ingredients of the finest quality and freshness as well as carefully selected hand-picked “chiles.”

Rosa’s flavorful sauce had become an instant hit among her friends and neighbors. Rosa moved on and founded the Ramirez & Feraud Chili Company, encouraged by her salsa’s success. In 1923, Las Palms was established and began offering customers a variety of canned Mexican foods and sauces including: Red Chile Sauce and Hot Enchilada Sauce, Red and Green Enchilada Sauce as well as other Mexican staple sauces: Green Chile’s and Crushed Tomatillos.

Las Palmas, remains authentic to its roots, and humble beginnings even though today its the highest selling biggest Mexican cooking sauce in the United States, by using only the highest quality ingredients and chiles. Use Las Palmas to make truly authentic Mexican dishes. B&G Foods acquired the LAS PALMAS brand in 1999 from Pilsbury.

Make sure to open up a can of Las Palmas Red Chile Sauce to make traditional Mexican dishes such as Chile Colorado, Charro Beans and Chili Con Carne. To prepare burritos, fillings for tacos and other entrees use Las Palmas Original Enchilada Sauce. To prepare and add distinctive color and flavor to soups, chilaquiles, traditional Mexican dishes and enchiladas make sure to use Las Palmas Green Enchilada Sauce. Top your tacos with delicious Las Palmas Green Chile Salsa.

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