El Torito Products

El ToritoEl Torito Products include Restaurant salsas in Medium, Hot and Mild flavors, Sweet Corn Cakes which are great as side dish or dessert, and Cilantro Pepita Caesar Salad Dressing, so you donít have to go to the restaurant to get authentic, great tasting dressings and salsas. They are both available right here at MexGrocer.com!

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El Torito Products

El Torito was founded in Encino, California in 1954, and has since been a pioneer in the full service Mexican casual dining restaurant division in California. EL Torito restaurant brand in California with the most number of restaurant and franchise locations in Middle East, Japan and Turkey.

El Torito was designed to emulate the authentic cooking and dishes found in traditional Mexican Haciendas. The restaurant offers its customers made-from-scratch Mexican cuisine, made with fresh and high quality ingredients. The best example of El Toritos commitment to freshness, is the restaurantís signature tableside guacamole, which is prepared freshly according to consumers specifications.

But food is not the only thing El Torito specializes in, it also offers a wide array of upscale margaritas, as well as a cocktails and beers. For the guests convenience El Torito offers catering and in house banquet services, as well as take out delivery, so customers can enjoy the flavor of Mexico in their own home.

In 1999, El Torito signed an agreement with Hormel Foods Corp. to produce, distribute and market 18 of El Torito products, with which they will deliver the unique, authentic Mexican flavors found in restaurants to peopleís kitchens all across the United States.

Proudly delivering authentic Mexican food directly to your door for over 23 years.