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Obleas Colorin

Obleas Colorin is a Company located in San Luis, Potosi Mexico and it was established in 2000, itís dedicated to the production and manufacturing of wheat wafers. In 2004 Colorin transformed into whatís known today as Productos Colororin S.A de C.V.

Productos Colorin offers traditional products of the highest quality to wholesale customers in the candy and snack market as well as for exports. Today Productos Colorin currently has a wide array of sizes, shapes and colors as well as a Special line for First Communions, in addition to a line of wafers, and fruit paste such as: Coconut, Mango, Tamarind and Divine cream.

Colorin wafers, or Obleas as they're called in Mexico, are a traditional Mexican snacks, made only with wheat flour, water, corn oil, and artificial colors; they make a fun treat for children and adults. Obleas can be eaten with arequipe, dulce de leche/ Cajeta (milk caramel), jam and/or sweetened condensed milk in the middle.

In some places the wafers might contain cheese, fruits, whip cream, among other fillings. They are usually very popular as they are very inexpensive. Obleas Colorin come in two convenient sizes: Extra Big Wheat Flour wafers and Mini wafers.

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