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The essential freshness, authenticity and purity that Los Altos Mexican Cheese is known for is the result of decades of cheese making experience and a unique family history that began in Mexico. There, the Andrade family crafted their first artisanal cheese expressing the traditional flavors and authentic varieties made with 100% natural ingredients.

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Los Altos Mexican Cheese - Quesos Aut?nticamente Mexicanos

Since 1988, Los Altos brand of authentic Mexican cheeses has had a unique place at the family table in the US because it offers value, it's 100% natural cheese line provides authentic flavors that bridge the traditions, cultures and generations of many Mexican families.

Founders Ra?l and Gloria Andrade take great pride in the combination of youth and experience that has placed the company today as the 3rd largest manufacturer of Mexican Cheese and Sour Cream on the West Coast.

Los Altos Queso fresco - fresh Mexican cheese, also known as La Cubeta, queso Panela, queso del rancho, queso cotija, queso Oaxaca and Panera are the top cheeses available, as well as the Los Altos Crema Mexicana, Crema Centro Americana y Jocoque are very popular for their uncompromising freshness, purity and flavor authenticity.

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