Japon Peanuts

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Japon Cacahuates - Peanuts

Japanese Style peanuts are peanuts dipped in a delicious crunchy soybean paste. Japanese peanuts are what many tourists discover and really enjoy during their visit to Mexico. Many believe that this delicious snack was imported from Japan, when they are actually made in Mexico. Since soy is from Japanese origin, they were called Japanese or Japanese-Style peanuts.

Japanese peanuts are of Mexican origin, and were created in 1945 by a Japanese man named Yoshigei Nakatani. It wasn?t until 1980 that the Nipon Company dominated the market. But today Sabritas and Barcel monopolize consumers.

Yoshinegei created the Japanese peanut in the middle of the last century in a workshop of the La Merced market in Mexico City; that?s were his customers were. There he would go with his hand truck to sell what he had produced in the morning; his goal was to make ends meet.

Between the years of 1950 and 1975, the customers for Nipon were wholesalers of La Merced and la Central de Abastos, which allowed the business to go from a workshop to a trademark company in 1975 and a brand for peanuts in 1977, but the product and the elaboration process where never patented.

The Japanese peanut market burst in 1980 and other brands such as Sabritas and Barcel followed after. Other Japanese style peanuts include Japon, De La Rosa, Pepe Juan, and Manzela among others.

Japon Japanese Peanuts are addictive and their crispy shell doubles the nut crunch. Once you try them; you won't be able to put them down. Japon Peanuts are 100% Natural, have no cholesterol, no trans-fat! Japon peanuts make a great and irresistible snack! They go extremely well with a cold beer! They also come with Limon 7, a salt and lemon powder that gives them a delicious kick you won?t be able to resist.

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