Dulces Montes

Dulces MontesDulces Montes is one of the leading brands of Mexican candy in Mexico with products such as: Damy, Tomy, Ricos Besos, Cachitos, Super Natilla, Paleta Cachitos, Paleta Montes and more. Montes Candy company was founded in Poncitlan, Jalisco Mexico by Miguel Montes Castellanos in 1938. For more information please visit DulcesMontes.com.mx.

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With more then 7 decades Dulces Montes has given their consumers immense flavor, care and commitment, while sharing sweet memories with every Mexican family.

Dulces Montes history has been filled with great achievements and successes that began in 1938 when Don Miguel Montes Castellanos acquired a copper pot, 10 liters of milk and other necessary items in order objective was to produce the best milk caramel candy in the country, a goal he achieved and has passed down through generations.

Don Miguel launched his industrial factory during the 70s, with modern technology that consolidated his leading position in the milk caramel industry in Mexico, as well as the massive commercialization and exportation of confectionary products, and the involvement of the media to publicize the brand.

The 80s saw the inauguration of another factory that would specifically manufacture confectionary products that was focused on nationally producing and exporting them to the North American market. Their mascot and corporate image called the Montes teddy bear, is recognized as being the most memorable image on a candy brand.

Today the Dulces Montes brands are recognized as leading products in the milk caramel industry, thanks to their deliciously crafted milk caramel candies that are made with 100% fresh milk.


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