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Everything started in 1856 when the Duryea brothers registered the Maizena brand in the United States. Their company the “Glen Cove Starch Manufacturing” already sold corn starch in grocery stores but began to package it individually in order to offer a more hygienic and safe product. Although it originated in the United States it is a brand that is strongly rooted on the culinary traditions of Mexico, so much that most people think Maizena was born in this country.

Maizena made its first appearance in Mexico during 1930: “The Corn Products Factory” which is known locally today as Unilever. At first their primary product was corn starch, but soon after Maizena released a variety of flavored mixes to prepare atole, which Mexican mothers began to use in order to give their children a healthy and delicious diet.

Since 1961, the design of Maizena’s packaging has been renovated numerous times, while always conserving its original essence by including key elements such as their characteristic yellow color and logo. It wasn’t until 1990 that a character called “Ricomaizena” began to appear on all of the atole packages as a way to communicate to consumers that the traditional Maizena formula had been enriched with vitamins and minerals.

Maizena is always thinking of their young consumers and so “Jarri” was born, it was a funny animated atole pitcher that was created in order to get close to children and interact better with them. Jarri represents the nutrition and energy of atole, this animated character appeared in all of the flavored varieties released in 1998.

A nutritional complex was released in 2006 under the name of CRECIPLUS which is fortified with vitamins and minerals to help kids during their growth and development. Creciplus is an exclusive and rich ingredient with vitamins A, B and C, as well as minerals that help with the absorption of nutrients (iron), they strengthen the nervous system, aid with intellectual development and promotes an infant’s growth (folic acid).

After more then 150 years of caring for their consumer’s nutrition and health their history still continues.

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