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Nestle’s Chocolate Abuelita has been a vital part of the Hispanic Kitchen for many generations. Its sweet, frothy and delicious texture, give the chocolate home made warmth and flavor.

Abuelita Hot Chocolate was launched on the market in 1939, with the idea of complementing a line of products that had a regional distribution. For a decade its commercials were made through a radio show called “The Voice of Abuelita Hot chocolate.” At the beginning the package of the chocolate showed a face of a woman with European traits, until 1973 when that image was substituted with actress Sara Garcia’s face, who has been the image of the chocolate ever since and before the brand was acquired by the Swiss company.

Abuelita was the first hot chocolate product, which produced television commercials that referred to the quality and superiority of the product. Abuelita Chocolate is a traditional product of Mexican cuisine providing consumers with quality that inspires confidence and affection.

Abuelita Chocolate, besides being a delicious product, it’s a nutritious beverage and an excellent choice to have either in the morning, afternoon or at night by itself or accompanied with sweet bread or cookies.

Made by Nestle, Abuelita is a brand of chocolate tablets or powdered mix in individual packets used to make exquisite Mexican-style hot chocolate. The name Abuelita is an affectionate way to call your grandma that can be literally translated as granny or little grandmother. The slogan of Abuelita is “Chocolate that tastes like the one grandma used to make”. Abuelita chocolate is made with Cocoa, sugar and cinnamon, making it a staple Mexican product for more than 71 years. You can identify Abuelita chocolate by its unique and delicious flavor and unique packaging. Moctezuma, Ibarra and Don Gustavo are other “Mexican Chocolate” tablet brands.

The chocolate tablets come in a hexagonal shape, which can be split into equal pieces so you can melt it into milk. You can also combine it with liquors like Kahlua. To prepare Abuelita Chocolate all you need is to boil milk or water in a saucepan, add the chocolate tablet and stir continuously with a whisk or the traditional molinillo (traditional Mexican wooden whisk), until melted and creamy or foamy. Use Abuelita to give color, texture and bring authentic flavor to traditional dishes like “Mole”. So pamper yourself, your loved ones and make everything better with a cup of delicious, aromatic hot chocolate Nestle Abuelita. You can have it any time of the year or when you have those big cravings.

Abuelita comes in various presentations: ABUELITA Hot Chocolate Drink Tablets so you can bring home the traditional taste and treat your loved ones to a deliciously foamy aromatic cup, ABUELITA Granulated Chocolate Mix so you can have or treat your loved ones to a chocolaty drink made with milk anytime!, Instant Chocolate Drink so you can take it on the go or enjoy it at home and transform everyday moments into special ones with its warm and comfort, Chocolate Syrup goes great on ice cream, milk shakes and making your favorite desserts, and enjoy your favorite desserts, drinks and traditional dishes with ABUELITA Marqueta bar it dissolves quickly so you can use it with ease.

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