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Choco Milk was introduced into Mexican markets in 1928, although its famous signature logo and corporate image was not created until 1958 when the brand gave birth to “Pancho Pantera” which was launched as a strong, bold and brave character. 1995 saw the launch of the Choco Milk product released in bags of approximately 250 and 400 grams. Choco Milk fortified with 10 vitamins and minerals were also introduced into the market that year, as well as their partnership with UNICEF. Procter & Gamble acquired the popular brand in 1997 from Bristol Myers Squibb.

Choco Milk launched a new image of Pancho Pantera, as well as new flavor: strawberry. This also led to the exportation of the brand in the United States. 2003 market the 75th anniversary of Choco Milk and its new cinnamon flavor. In 2006 newer flavors such as choconapolitano, chocobanana and chococanela were released. The Choco Milk has constantly been renovating their product and today has a new image for the brand and its signature image of Pancho Pantera.

Today Choco Milk is a favorite chocolate drink mix amongst adults and children; it’s a chocolate flavor incomparable to any other chocolate powder in the market. It’s a drink that is both nutritious and delicious, and that your kids will fully enjoy.

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