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Rosarita Refried Beans

Rosarita is a culinary empire built by Pedro Guerrero and his wife Rosaura Castro of Arizona, who dreamt of bringing Mexican food to the masses. Based on the simple Mexican recipes that his wife Rosaura mastered out of necessity, Rosarita (its name is a diminutive form of Rosaura), has been delighting families with their authentic Mexican-style refried beans since the 1940’s when Guerrero founded Rosarita Mexican Food Products. It all started after he discovered the popularity tamales had in 1923 when he sold them at a festival. He had to wait 20 years for his dream to come true and be sold across all the Western United States.

Rosarita beans original name was Rosita, when Guerrero first registered the company’s name in 1925. One of Guerrero's sons designed the picture of the Mexican woman for the logo. (The sultry señorita in the yellow sombrero adorns the label even now.) In 1939, 14 years later, Guerro found suitable partners for his company: R.G Scarborough, a young accountant and Ann Petrie, the owner of two Mesa Restaurants. Then in 1945, in one of Petrie’s Kitchen, a local woman was hired to make tamales according to Rosaura’s recipe. The tamale demand grew quickly, needing to move into a large, modern factory in a short time. As the company expanded from fresh tamales, frozen foods, tortillas, and sauces into canned beans, the name was later changed to Rosarita after a trademark squabble in the late 1950’s. That didn’t stop Rosarita from taking off in grocery stores, locally and then being a major supplier of prepared Mexican food across the Western United States for 40 years, where its products are sold on grocery store shelves and online stores to this day.

In 1961, Rosarita was sold to Beatrice Foods, one of the time’s biggest processed-food conglomerates. Today, ConAgra Foods owns the brand.

Rosarita uses only the highest-quality beans available and comes in a variety of flavors: Traditional, No Fat Traditional, No Fat Zesty Salsa, No Fat Green Chili and Lime, Spicy Jalapeno, Low Fan Black Bean and Vegetarian; so you can choose your favorite to have in the morning, noon or at night. Rosarita also makes enchilada sauce, green sauce, Taquera and Rosarita Diced Jalapeno Peppers

“Made from our 70-year-old recipe, Rosarita beans are authentic... really, really authentic.”

For more information about Rosarita Refried Beans, please visit their website at Conagra Foods Brands.

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