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Sanissimo Tostadas - Salmas Horneadas

Sanissimo tostadas is a product aimed for those who like to pamper themselves while taking care of their health, Sanissimo offers families, high quality, health, delicious and convenient products, due to its unique manufacturing process with natural ingredients.

Sanissimo corn tostadas and Salmas are made in Mexico, 100% oven baked, fat free and are the first packed in a box. Sanissimo is a trademark of Bimbo S.A de C.V. a leading brand in the market. Sanissimo is a new brand for the Guatemalans, an innovative product for those who like healthy foods. Sanissimo has an original presentation that calls for confidence in environmental care and therefore health. Sanissimo tostadas has the benefit of being oven baked not fried, made with nixtamal corn and with the difference that they donít contain trans fat acids, its gluten and cholesterol free, with no artificial coloring or preservatives.

Sanissimo oven baked tostadas are aimed directly at those workers who are always on the run and are looking for easy, fast and delicious options to eat. Make delicious and healthy meals your whole family will love with Sanissimo oven baked tostadas and the new Picaditas salted baked corn tostadas with no added fat.

Other Sanissimo products include Sanissimo mini tostadas, Sanissimo Picaditas Salted Baked Tostadas and Sanissimo Corn Tostada Crackers. Sanisimo. Sannisimo.

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