Maggi Soups, Bouillon & Seasoning Sauce

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Maggi Soups, Bouillon & Seasoning Sauce

Maggi is a popular product line that is manufactured and distributed by Nestle, and is made up of bouillon cubes, soups, seasonings, soups, instant noodles, sauces and ketchups. The original company that created & distributed the Maggi brand was founded by Julius Maggi when he took over his father’s mill. The company’s popularity rapidly rose and became a leader in the food industry, with its products geared towards improving the nutrition of families around the world.

Some of the most popular products to be born from the original company were the Maggi cubes and seasoning sauce. The seasoning sauce which is still very popular today in Europe, Mexico and Asia is very similar to the East Asian soy sauce except it doesn’t actually contain soy. The sauce was created in 1886 as a substitute for meat extract and has since become a part of every cuisine and culinary culture in Europe. The bouillon cubes were introduced in 1908 as another substitution for meat; since chicken and beef broths are common dishes in the culinary cultures of many countries that the Maggi Cube has became such a popular product around the world ranging from restaurants to households.

The Maggi brand underwent several changes in ownership, which led to the merging of the Nestle and Maggi companies in 1947. Today Maggi can be found in kitchens all across the world giving common dishes such as soups and meat or chicken based dishes an extra touch of flavor that enhances them to the fullest. While offering great flavor, nutrition and simple preparation at affordable prices.

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