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Zaaschila Mexican Hot sauces history began on November 1996, with two friends’ idea of making and bottling the best authentic Mexican hot sauces. The company Alimentos Tres G, S.A de C.V was founded in the city of San Nicolas de los Garza, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. The company’s activities are focused on the processing, packaging and marketing of seasonings, hot sauces and dressings, always observing the two fundamental principles: high quality and great taste. (Saaschila, Sachila, Zachila)

The brand “Demmy” was born in March 1997, the earliest formulations to come out of it include: One Chamoy style sauce, directed at the candy market and a hot sauce directed at the snacks market to be used in potato chips, chips, peanuts and chicharrones (pork rinds) among others.

In the middle of the year 2000 the development of a line of homemade hot sauces was started, it was to be used as a compliment for daily foods like pizza, seafood, chicken, salads, tacos, and carne asada among others. At the same time the line was being developed, a search for a name began. The idea was that the name should be of a place from Mexico, a name that appeals to the proud heritage of pre-Hispanic Mexican culture and the unbelievably sensual pleasures of its incredible cuisine. All this was with the purpose of giving the product a purely Mexican personality.

By the end of 2000 and after searching a number of options we found the Zaaschila name. Zaaschila is a region of Oaxaca, Mexico, home of the Zapotec Culture, one of the most important cultures in the South of pre-Hispanic Mexico. The Zapotec culture flourished many centuries ago high in the Valley of Oaxaca, was the perfect symbol. And hence the name Zaaschila came to be.

Agriculture is and was one of the main activities of the Zapotec Culture, since salsas are made with natural products, it was decided that Zaaschila was the perfect name for their new line of products.

The meaning of the word Zaaschila is not fully known, but it is believed to mean “First daughter of the Earth” in Zapotec. Zaaschila (XACHILA) home of the Zapotec culture, is a town, located 15Km south of the city of Oaxaca and it’s an important archeological site today.

All of Zaaschila’s sauces are made using only the highest quality ingredients: orange and green habanero, piquin, jalapeno, cilantro, chile de arbol, Serrano peppers, tomatillo, onion, and other produce and spices are blended together in the preparation of the Zaaschila sauces.

The bottling of Zaaschila sauces, made by the hands of very talented Mexican cooks who gather their inspiration from home-made recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, make it possible for Zaaschila to be deliver the authentic taste of Mexico to you, where ever you are.

Bring your favorite foods like: Tacos, pizza, hamburgers, shrimp, soups, nachos, pasta, salads, sushi, sandwiches, popcorn, grilled meat, tostadas, beans, chicken and nuggets; to life with the Zaaschila touch.

Zaaschilas products include: Habanero green and orange Hot and Orange extra hot, Cocktail, Cambray, Aguachile, 3 chiles verdes, 3 Chiles casera, Authentic Habanero, Piquin, Guacamole with Habanero, Cheddar, Chipotle, Guacamole and Chile de Arbol.

El nombre Zaaschila viene de una región de Oaxaca, México, cuna de la cultura Zapoteca, en la zona sur del México prehispánico. Una de las actividades principales de esta cultura sigue siendo la agricultura. Zaaschila en Zapoteco significa "Primera hija de la Tierra".

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