Zaaschila Chile Habanero Salsa Picante - 9.35 oz

Zaaschila Chile Habanero Salsa Picante
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Zaaschila Chile Habanero Salsa Picante

Zaaschila Chile Habanero Salsa Picante 9.35 oz

Zaaschila real Mexican salsa uses habanero combined with tomato, a series of condiments and onions, to get a truly amazing flavor. Zaaschila real Mexican salsa goes great on sea food, tacos, tamales, gyros, sandwiches, steak and more. Ingredients include water, habanero pepper, tomatoe, onion, cilantro, coriander, salt, condiments and spices. Perfect for those who love super spicy salsas!

Calories 15 per serving (28g)

Ingredients: Water, Iodized Salt, Guajillo pepper, Arbol Pepper, Corn Starch modified, Acetic Acid, Spices, Sodium Benzoate 0.1% (as preservative), Xanthan Gum, and FD&C Yellow 6..


Zaaschila Chile Habanero Salsa Picante

Zaaschila Salsa Chile Habanera Picante Mexicana te trae una salsa picante de Chile Habanero que es deliciosa y se lleva muy bien con mariscos, tacos, tamales, gyros, sandwiches, filete y mas. Zaaschila combina cebolla, tomate rojo, una series de condimentos y el chile habanero, para crear una salsa realmente deliciosa para los amantes del picante extremo!

7 Calorias por porcion (30g)

Ingredientes: Agua, Chile Habanero, Tomate, Cebolla, Cilantro, Sal, Acido Acetico, Goma de Xantano, Condimentos y Especias, 0.1% de Benzoato de Sodio y Sorbato de Potasio (conservadores), Color Rojo No. 40 y Color Amarillo No. 5.


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San Diego, CA
This, if you're a chili-head, rules !!!
I am an avid freak when it comes to my hot sauces. I live just north of TJ Mexico, so Mexican foods are what we go out to dinner for. I will go to certain restaurants, even though their food is only so-so, just for their hot sauces /chips (and Margs!)

I stumbled across this at a local store and noticed that I could see all of the herbs and it looked far more involved (homemade) then the average stuff, so I bought some. I now have 4-5 bottles at home at all times, and go through one a week. The taste is perfectly on point, and moreover there is NONE of the usual hot sauce vinegar after taste.

As far as the heat, it does have a bite, but I would not be too concerned because it's the Habanero chili. In-other-words, it's hot, but in a good way. Not like you take a bite, your nose runs, you tear up (much) your drool, etc... As mentioned, it's very much on point.

I only gave it five stars because....well...that's all they would allow.
Taste, Heat balance, the visual herbs, My only complaint is perhaps the squeeze top opening might be a little wider. I find that it clogs with some of the goodness then I squeeze harder, and there's a quick explosions of more goodness. Some time too much. I often just unscrew the cap and pour it. This is usually toward the end of the bottle when all of the herbs settle.
HOT, flavorful and easy to apply.
This is HOT, far more than anything Tabasco makes, no vinegar flavor, easy to apply and compliments foods of various sorts, not just nachos, tacos, burritos, etc.
Readily available from Not in many stores and ordering it online adds a shipping charge.
Kanab, UT
Perfect heat level, perfect taste with outstanding habanero flavor.
We use this fine sause morning, noon and night on everything from omelets to leftovers. my wife use to think ketchup was hot,,, now she uses this habanero sauce on everything and loves it.
Vancouver, WA
To Everyone Who Says These Hot Sauces Have No Vinegar...
...Acetic Acid IS vinegar...
Delicious sauce WITH vinegar.
Rowlett, TX
Love This Stuff
This is an excellent Habanero Salsa with a distinctive flavor . Its has a great blend of peppers, herbs and spices without the peppers overwhelming the flavor. What I like the most about it is it does not use vinegar like most other pepper sauces. I especially like this on a breakfast burrito or adding it to guacamole....mmmmm!
No vinegar. Great taste. Not sold locally.
One of the most flavorful salsa's I've ever tasted.
Not too hot. My local store quit selling this brand.
Zaaschila Chile Habanero Salsa Picante
I agree with the various customers who have reviewed this salsa. It has a very nice flavor and consistency. However, I think the expert, Dave Dewitt, is out of his mind to rate this as a maximum heat salsa. It is mild but that really adds to the qualilty of the salsa; the flavor is really allowed to come through.
flavor and consistency.
The best to come out of a bottle!
It's unusual for my husband and myself to like any salsa in a jar or bottle,. However, this looked so good we purchased and it did not disappoint. After trying we ordered 6 more bottles as we do use a lot of hot sauce.
The flavor and heat Nothing
Lynden WA
Just right!
This sauce starts with a sizzle on the tongue, then the heat immediately leaves the mouth and spreads through the body leaving only a pleasant chile taste in the mouth. The perfect hot sauce!
Even beginners will like it. a perfect hot sauce to bring your heat tolerance to a new level with destroying your taste buds.
Highly recommended! none
Key West, FL
Favorite sauce ever!
Love it love it LOVE IT! Not overly spicy, but enough heat to know there's habanero involved. Great taste and thickness and goes well on everything.
Everything Nothing
Review for Zaaschila Chile Habanero Salsa Picante
My family loves this sauce. They put it on eveything from hamurgers to hashbrown potatoes. My husband raves that this is the best sauce he has ever eaten. Even my 10 year old loves it.
Review for Zaaschila Chile Habanero Salsa Picante
Great Flavor.., Just Enough Heat! Love it in my bloody mary's or with brown rice, tofu and bacon.
Review for Zaaschila Chile Habanero Salsa Picante
Hot but very tasty. This is my guage in a good hot sauce. This habanero has great flavor but you will know you got into THE SAUCE!!!!!


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