Guacamaya Hot Sauce

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The Origins of Industrias Gucamaya, S.A de C.V date back to the 22 of December street in the year 1948, where it was born in the city of Rosario, Sinaloa. It was founded by Pablo Gandarilla y Severa del Rincón Bernal, a married couple, who decided to start a domestic, and artisan family business by producing a hot sauce that over time would become the food seasoning by excellence of Sinaloa, becoming popular under the Salsa Guacamaya name.

The making process what extremely easy, since the use of rudimentary kitchen ware was implemented; utensils like a stone grinder (metate de piedra), and a manual star corn mill, according to customs those where the tools used to grind food. Basically the sauce was prepared with died ground chiles and spices, that were refined in a stone grinder.

The Salsa was beginning to get known, little by little thanks to the small productions that were made, and each time started having more and more acceptance throughout the state. By 1975 Severa del Rincón started a society with Grupo Ley, who later obtained the business. By becoming a part of Grupo Ley, La Guacayama upgraded its processes gaining unparalleled financial strength among the competition, consolidating its presence in the State of Sinaloa and strongly entering Northern Mexico and Southern United States.

In 1987, Due to increases of product demand, Industrias Guacamaya bought modern processing equipment in order to meet that demand. Also the industrial plant which currently occupies was built. Today, Industrias Guacamaya is present, in the State of Sonora, Jalisco, Zacatecas, Baja California Norte y Sur, Nayarit and of course Sinaloa. It’s presence can also be found in the States of Chicago, Arizona and Northern and Southern California.

Their products include La Guacamaya Authentic Mexican Hot Sauce, Hot Sauce with Lime, Hot Sauce with lime juice, Habanera Roja, Habanera Verde, salsa etiqueta negra extra hot, and Salsamoy. La Guacamaya also sells a varied selection of spices like sesame seeds, pepper, garlic, etc.

For more information about La Guacamaya Mexican Food hot sauces, please visit their website at La Guacamaya Hot Sauce .

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