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Sabritas launched a confectionary called Sonrics in 1986 with the objective to give their consumers new options. Today it is one of the most popular candy brands in country and the large in the industry. Sonrics is a part of PepsiCo who also own other leading brands such as Sabritas, Gamesa, Gatorade, Pepsi and Quaker.

Sonric’s story began in 1983 when the Sabritas Company saw a great opportunity to create a profitable division of their business for sweets, since Mexico was facing an economic crisis that year. They launched this confectionary idea through the distribution of products from different brands and companies, which started a flavorful, magical and fun adventure for the Sabritas Company. It had such a positive reaction in the industry that Sabritas created their own brand candy brand in 1986 named: Sonric’s, although they counted with strong commercialization they did not have the necessary infrastructure to manufacture sweets. They then decided to invite different confectionaries from Mexico which developed a model business that was innovative in the industry; products with their brands were manufactured by third parties and distributed by Sabritas’ trucks.

This innovative idea made Sonric’s the most important confectionary brand in Mexico, and each year they renovate their products, brands and packaging in order to satisfy their consumers, as they have been doing for more then 25 yrs.

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