Tres Estrellas Rice Flour and Churros Mix

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Tres Estrellas Brand History in Mexico - Historia de la marca Tres Estrellas en Mexico

Over 88 years ago, Mr. Fermin Lance a Mexican industrialist of great tradition in the flour industry, along with his brothers Francisco, Luis and Carlos founded the flour company Lance Hermanos (Lance Brothers). Lance Hermanos was how the company was known until the death of its founders to change to the name of LANCE, S.A.

In its beginnings, the company was established as a wheat mill and was the first to package and release the product into the market under the commercial brand of “Harina Tres Estrellas.”

Lance Hermanos set the standard in the flour industry by being the first to establish an organized distribution and launch into the market pastas with the brand “semolina tres estrellas”. This helped the noodles become food for everyday use in Mexican cooking.

The restless of the Lance Hermanos made them venture into other branches of industry and so at the accredited they began producing their new line of cookies, as well as flours and pastas in the accredited San Antonio Abad plant. Products such as the traditional Maria and animal cookies.

Speaking of cookies, who are the owners of the traditional Maria cookie concept? Its not really known who, put a few years ago around 1993, the Bimblo Industry Group published a notice en diverse print media about the true origins of the authentic Maria Cookie. The idea was to –justifiably – discredit those who claim sole paternity over the famous cookies. In the note, the cookie is claimed to be from English origin and that it was created at the request of Henry VII during his reign. In Mexico, adds the note, the Maria Cookie also has a story, but apparently nobody knows who made them first, wether the Lance brothers (Hermanos Lance) or the Lara Brothers (Hermanos Lara), since both launched their own Maria Cookie into the market in 1920. This is the story of Bimbo so far. However, Tres Estrellas did their own research and heard a story related to somebody who found in Lance a mold to make Maria Cookies, whose cast is dated in 1919, the year of the founding of Lance S.A. The mold hasn’t been found yet, so its existence can not be assured. Therefore, Tres Estrellas can’t assure that they were the first but they share that honor with Galletera Lara. The “Tres Estrellas” Maria Cookies are still being produced with the same quality as always and for many years were supported by Nabisco, S.A. de C.V. multinational company that was acquired at an international level by Kraft Foods of Mexico in 2000. The brand Tres Estrellas was sold to the Pastas Cora, S.A de C.V. company who is currently responsible of its manufacture and marketing, a company that belongs to the proudly Mexican La Moderna Group (Grupo La Moderna).

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