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GrisiLaboratorios Grisi Hnos. (Grisi Bros. Laboratories), a 100% Mexican company, has achieved a history of progress. Writing its history day by day, in the current market Grisi continues as the best and only company in the use of natural ingredients applied to the well-being and health of its consumers, not only in Mexico but also on an international level.

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The company history dates back to when José Grisi, an Italian immigrant, arrived in Mexico in 1860 as a physician by profession. He had developed formulas and pharmaceutical products in Italy which were novelties in his adopted country. Mr. Grisi carried out research using magistral pharmaceutical compounds and in 1863, by mixing several of these compounds, developed a medicine which he called “Emplasto Monopolis” (Monopolis Plaster). This gave birth to the story of the Grisi Company in their first laboratory at Medina Street.

Blas Grisi, son of Mr. Jose Grisi founded the drugstore “El Factor” in 1890 with the Grisi products and the pharmaceutical products of European companies. “El Factor” later transformed into the Grisi Drugstore in 1912.

The first of several stages of grandeur of Grisi Bros. (Grisi Hnos) took place in the midst of revolution effervescence between 1900 to 1918. Being 1915 the year when the Grisi Laboratory moves from the Gabriel Hernandez street in Mexico City for the elaboration of patent pharmaceutical products and imports to U.S.A, Cuba and Guatemal of the Monopolis Plaster.

Due to the high demand of its different products, Grisi Laboratories had move its facilities to the Londres No. 55 street and creates its divisions of medicinal products and toiletries using natural ingredients to transform nature in beauty products.

Grisi Laboraroties was a pioneer in the manufacture of shampoos in 1950, by creating the Chamomile shampoo and subsecuently the Organogal as a compliment to its toiletries line, renewing as well the way to transform the color of hair naturally. Exporting soaps to the U.S. and Central America.

It wasn’t until 1976 that Grisi incorporates into its medical division the Excelsior and Garde products, due to the spirit of renovation and constant eagerness of development. Grisi gets installed in a building especially built in the Amores street. Increasingly, Grisi launches natural ingredient based products like Aloe Vera and Jojoba, continuing exports to the North and Central America.

Several products were launched in 1988, first was the Chamomile based shampoo for babies: Ricitos de Oro (Goldilocks) followed by baby care products, and later the veterinary line based on natural products.

Grisi releases its full line of Ricitos de Oro (Goldilocks) with chamomile to kick off the decade of the nineties. The line consisted of: Body Lotion, Oil, Soap, powder, vaseline and lotion, all for baby care. Also in that year the whole toiletries line gets modified with a new image and logo.

In 1993 Grisi internationalizes by signing a representation agreement with the Helene Curtis Company in Chicago. A license agreement with Procter & Gamble was made in 1998, and the cosmetics division was startes. The task of marketing is done with the Max Factor, Cover Girl and Oil of Olay product lines. Later, the export of Grisi to Spain and other countries in Europe, Central America and South America begins.

Grisi signs other distributing agreement was made with Combe International Company in 1999, marketing the hair color lines such as: Just for Men, Grecian 2000 and Lady Grecian. Subsequently, the pharmaceutical line of feminine hygiene Benzal was marketed.

In 2001, yet another distribution alliance was made with the Sara Lee Company, marketing their line of products for home and personal care like the worldwide leader brand in shoe care the Kiwi, in addition to other hygiene products for men like: Aqcua Velva and Brylcreem.

This is how the Grisi Bros. Laboratories has had a history of progress as a 100% Mexican Company, making its history day to day and continuing to be current in the market as the best and only natural supplies applied to the well being and health of both consumers in Mexico but also on an international level.

Grisi products include: Sulfur with Lanolin Bar Soap, Mother of Pearl Cream, Grisi Shampoo Chamomile, Mother of Pearl Bar Soap, Oat Bar Soap, Donkey’s Milk Bar Soap, Grisi Shampoo Ricitos de Oro with Chamomile, Neutral Bar Soap, Olive Oil Bar Soap, Aloe Vera Bar Soap, Alo Vera Savila Shampoo, Chamomile Bar Soap, and Avocado Bar Soap, all available here at

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