Hair Care Products from Mexico

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Everybody wants beautiful and healthy hair and scalp. Hair care will differ according to one's hair type and according to various processes that can be applied to hair. All hair is not the same; indeed, hair is a manifestation of human diversity. The same applies to all types of hair care products; they vary depending on people’s needs and hair type: thick, thin, long, short, straight, curly, etc. is proud to bring you the best hair care products from Mexico, so you to can have beautiful, shiny hair, style it any way you want it and help it grow healthy and strong.

If you want beautiful healthy and long hair, make use Cre-C Max Shampoo for re-growing hair and avoiding hair loss along with Cre-C hair conditioner. A shampoo based in 100% natural herbal ingredients. From natural origin and prepared with the extract of more than 1 kilogram of herbs and plants Cre-C includes: Ortiguilla, Nettle, Espinosilla, Aloe Vera and Ginseng, making a concentrate with deposited nutrients that help: Stop hair loss, revitalize and nourish the hair follicle and stimulate hair growth. Cre-C is a shampoo that can be used daily and for all kinds of hair, it works for both men and women.

Grisi – Shampoo’s by GRISI can be used by all of your family, to give your hair body and softness. Grisi Shampoo Manzanilla – Chamomile gives your hair and your family’s hair and intense shine and naturally lightens your hair. For your baby use Grisi Shampoo Ricitos de Oro with Camomile, it will keep your baby’s hair bright and healthy, its hypoallergenic which means it contains no harmful chemicals and will clean your baby’s hair gently, its tear free so it won’t irritate your baby’s eyes. Grisi ricitos de Oro can be used by children and adults as well. It will keep your hair bright, shiny and healthy while providing conditioning and helping to maintain a natural light color while gently cleaning and leaving your hair manageable. To repair and moisturize your hair make sure to use Grisi Aloe Vera Savila Shampoo.

Caprice – By Palmolive will keep your entire family’s hair beautiful, healthy and shiny. Caprice Naturals Shampoo with Apricot (Chabacano) extract will deep clean and softly condition your hair to turn it from dull and shine-less into silky soft and shinier hair with a pleasant aroma. Make sure to also try Caprice Shampoo herbs for a wonderful infusion of herbs that will leave your hair manageable, soft and shiny with just a little dab, Caprice will last and last. Caprice is the one with the lateral handle and creative top.

Vanart – A shampoo that gives your hair hydration, silkiness, softness and shine with a rich and pleasant aroma. If you suffer from dry hair, moisturize, repair and bring it back to life with Vanart – Egg Protein and honey shampoo so you can feel the smoothness of a moisturized hair. Honey and egg protein are two natural ingredients recognized by their nutritious value. Vanart unites these two elements in a unique formula that penetrates the capillary fiber leaving a manageable silky, moisturized and healthy hair. Also make sure to try Vanart Shampoo - Cream Formula for Dry and damaged Hair. Vanart unites protein and cream in a unique formula that will leave your hair healthy, silky and moisturized. For normal hair use Vanart Cream Rinse Hair Conditioner and Vanart Duo 2 in 1, for shiny, manageable and silky smooth hair.

Sedal – To gently clean and protect your hair fibers from the every day wear that leaves your hair dull and lifeless, use Sedal SOS Ceramidas shampoo. Its unique formula contains Ceramides which repair the hair fibers preventing the scales from opening, allowing your hair to regain its intense shine, and silky smoothness with a pleasant aroma. Also to give your hair more protection use Sedal SOS creamidas hair styling cream to style and protect your hair at the same time.

You have uncontrollable and sad-looking hair? Just want it to style it and have it hold? Try Moco de Gorilla in either presentation Galan, Rockero, and Punk Squizz styling gel. This hair product has natural ingredients and with its extra hold will make your hair do what you need it to do, without looking stiff, over-cared or greasy. Keeps hair free of nasty residue and protects and keeps it clean. Comb your hair in the shape you like, for a crisp, clean, style that will last all day long. Your hair will look fantastic making you look your absolute and total best.

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