La India Verdena Horchata - Cebada - Pinole

La India Verdena company was founded in the seventies by Don Saúl Ramiro Peraza G., in the picturesque town of El Verde Concordia, Sinaloa, near Mazatlan Mexico, with the idea of creating products that would be Natural, Healthy and Nutritious.

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La India Verdena

La India Verdena is a small family owned and operated business that was created by Mr. Saul Ramiro Peraza G. in the early 70s in the small town of El Verde, Sinaloa Mexico. He started this company modestly but with great enthusiasm and support from his family. The company’s primary objective was to create products that were all natural, nutritious and delicious, and so their signature powdered drink mixes from traditional Mexican soft drinks were born.

La India Verdena’s sole mission is to give families throughout the world quality products that are high in nutrients and at an affordable price. The company guarantees this through more then 40 years of experience producing all natural products enriched with vitamins and nutrients that will satisfy their customers all over the world.

The company strives to spread their popularity internationally and became a leader in the natural drinks category, by offering innovative, quality and great tasting products.

Some of their most popular products include Cream of Wheat that is used to make atoles, hot cereal and porridge. Barley can be used to make the popular & delicious Agua de Cebada (barley water) which is great for weight loss & the reduction of cholesterol in the blood. Rice flour is used to make the delicious, traditional and highly popular Mexican drink Horchata, as well as Agua de Cebada. And lastly Corn which is ideal for cookies, breads, atoles and other treats.

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