Tres Reyes Chongos Zamoranos

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Tres Reyes Chongos Zamoranos

Chongos Zamoranos is a popular Mexico dessert that gets its famous name from its city of origin: Zamora, Michoacan. There several versions that describe how Chongos Zamoranos came to exist, the most popular story dates back to the 18th century when a nun forgot the milk she had left on the fire and that soon began to smell burnt, she ran to the kitchen and noticed that the milk had become curdled as a result of it. She tasted it and because she wasn’t displeased by the flavor she added cinnamon and sugar to the milk, which today has become a traditional and beloved dessert called: “chongos zamoranos”.

The idea to industrialize this recipe surged between 1934 and 1935, when they were first packaged in glass jars. Since the glass signified a risk for transportation due to its fragility, it was later packaged in metal cans which avoided fractures and damage caused by the spilling of the product’s honey onto other products, as well as preventing the “Chongos” from rusting due to the effects of the light that was reflected on the shelves.

Chongos Zamoranos have been made internationally popular thanks to the Tres Reyes brand which was founded in 1958 by Mrs. Esperanza Valdez Anaya. What started as a family business transformed into a huge industry with modern techniques, machinery and packaging. In 1978 her company became known as Dulces Regionales Tres Reyes S.A de C.V. which still goes by the very same name today. They have been exporting their popular brand to the United States since 1995, offering American consumers an exquisite and authentic Mexican dessert.

Chongos Zamoranos are made through a special process that consists of quality milk, sugar and cinnamon. The rest is made from mild milk glomerulus that gives the Chongos a delicious syrup flavor and consistency. Now if you want to give this dessert a special touch just add any liqueur of your choice and dried fruits.

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