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Molina Vanilla is the pioneer of Vanillas in Mexico. It has been produced by Uvavina, for over 60 years and was originally founded by Jose Molina Ramirez, in 1944. Molina Mexican Vainilla has been produced from an original family recipe, which contains natural Mexican vanilla extract as a the main ingredient, which in conjunction to other components, guarantees its user a superior vanilla aroma and flavor. Molina Vanilla also produces pure organic vanilla and agave honey.

Jose Molina Ramirez began working at an early age, always encouraged by his dream to succeed economically because he grew up in an impoverished and rural neighborhood with few probabilities of success. He worked in a variety of modest occupations until he became a traveling agent. In time he discovered the many advantages of selling products and he decided to become a business man, so he could have a say in how to distribute and sell goods that people demanded.

World War II brought a shortage of supplies, so he began to follow what later would become his greatest passion, the preservation of food. To achieve what he had in mind, he spent hours experimenting and reading many books. This is how the project that gave him both joy and grief was born and begun its operations in the northern and central parts of Mexico. When his eldest son was born he saw the opportunity of his dream and lifeís work of being carried on.

So he took it upon himself, to teach his only son the family corporate mentality, by frequently taking his son with him, on his train trips to Mexico City both as a boy and then as a teenager. He wanted to make his son see and understand how important it was to fulfill his dreams of turning a small company into a much larger one.

Once Jose Molina Jr. began working formally in the family business, he acquainted himself with many of the company areas that he hadnít had a chance before, since he had been busy with his studies and attending college. Two years later at the end of his training, he took over the family business and began with a steady and successful growth in both sales and company organization.

To promote his products and incorporate other food products into his own company, Jose Jr. traveled to various parts of Mexico. He also started visiting the United States, in search of a way to export the Vanilla, his star product and the main item of negotiation.

Molina Vainilla has high quality ingredients; itís the original formula which gives the product get vanillaís natural flavor. Use Molina Vanilla to give your drinks, yoghurts, candy, bakery cakes, popsicles, frozen cakes, ice cream, and desserts, an additional flavor. Molina Vanillaís unparalleled flavor has made it the favorite kind of vanilla in Mexico and the United States.

Molina Vanilla believes that with their original formula they can beat any vanilla extract in the market on any taste tests. Why donít you try and see it for yourself! Molina has been a part of Mexican households for over 3 generations.

The Molina family still owns the company Uvavina, in Guadalajara Mexico, where the vanilla is still mixed and bottled today. Molina USA was created to better service the U.S market and to better distribute the original Molina Vanilla formula as well as other imported fine products in the United States. Besides Vanilla, Molina has also added other imported products such as: Calahua Crema de Coco y Fresa Colada mixes, Salsa de Soya Tamashi, ChocolVita, dulces and many other items.

Molina Original(Blend), Artificial Vanilla, Clear Artificial Vanilla, and Pure Vanilla Extract are Brand of Vanillas, distributed by Molina USA.

Molina can be found in Hispanic grocery stores, selective national chains across the USA and online stores like Of course Molina still remains a popular item throughout Mexico and for Tourists in Mexico to buy and return home with.

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