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Charras TostadasTostadas Charras El Real Sabor Mexicano

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Charras Tostadas

In Monterrey, Nuevo Leon a family business with the name of Tostricas Nieto S.A. de C.V was born in 1982; with a small machine made by its founder, a man who from the beginning sought ways of injecting warmth into the marketing and production of the processed corn tortilla.

Tostadas Charras was born in 1991, giving way to a larger scale marketing and production. Two years later, in 1993 the first state of development took place in a plant located in Los Lermas, in the municipality of Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon. That same year, the first distribution center in the City of Leon Guanajuato opened its doors. Subsequently several centers where opened in the cities of Guadalajara, Hermosillo, San Luis Potosi, Ciudad de Mexico, Culiacan and Aguascalientes. Since that year Tostadas Charras began being exported into the United States.

In 2000 in the state of Guanajuato, operations in the Dr. Mora plant began; which is intended in supplying the national market. That same year the Los Lemas plant ceased operations, leaving one facility in Juarez, Nuevo Leon intended to supply the export product. The corporative offices in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon where inaugurated.

In 2011 a new facility is installed northwest of the country, with the idea of consolidating the company in all of Mexico and southwestern United States.

Tostadas Info

In the form of soft and toasted tortillas (tostadas), corn has been for centuries a must in Mexican meals and the main ingredient of a large number of Mexican dishes. On account of their characteristic taste, texture, practicality, and nutritional benefits, tostadas are gaining a firm foothold in homes around the world.

In Tostadas Charras all elements are joined to obtain maximum Quality and Efficiency. The technology developed by the Company, allows total process control that assures the highest quality in all our products.

El maíz ha sido durante siglos el sustento de nuestra alimentación, de él se derivan la tortilla y la tostada, base de gran número de platillos mexicanos. Actualmente la tostada está ganándose un lugar en los hogares del mundo debido a sus singulares características como su sabor, textura, practicidad y calidad nutricional.

En Tostadas Charras todos los elementos se conjugan para obtener una máxima Calidad y Eficiencia. La tecnología desarrollada por la misma empresa, ha permitido un control total del proceso que asegura la mas alta calidad en nuestros productos.


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