Aldama Mexican Sweet Milk Products


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Aldama Mexican Sweet Milk Products

Aldama candies are manufactured and distributed by the “Productos de Leche Aldama” (Aldama Milk Products) company, that was founded in 1947. With more then 27 years of experience in the confectionary industry, Aldama provides quality sweets with an incomparable flavor. This business is dedicated to giving their consumers a product that is one hundred percent natural, and that does not contain artificial coloring, flavors and conservatives. Their milk caramel candies are made from fresh cow and goat milk, which gives these traditional Mexican sweets their unique flavor.

Due to the outstanding quality and flavor their sweet treats, Aldama has become a leading brand in the Hispanic/Latin markets around the globe. Today the company has more then three factories located within Guanajuato and Michoacan, and counts with 8 international distributors who commercialize and distributes their products to other countries primarily the United States.

Aldama Products are dedicated to their consumers, which is why they constantly work hard to create products that will satisfy their customers and make their country proud. If you want to savor authentic milk caramel candies, the Aldama brand is just what you are looking for, from milk caramel wafer sandwiches, to caramel filled cones, flavored lollipops & chewy caramels.

Proudly delivering authentic Mexican food directly to your door for over 23 years.